Grandma Days

I’m still on a roll with lots of Grandma days.  The days have been pretty long getting the boys at 7:30 in the morning and then going home at 9 pm.  I forgot how taxing it can be to have kids all day long and all night long.  I’ve had the boys a couple of nights.  Boy have I forgotten how light a person sleeps when you’re listening for kids.

We’re doing okay though.  As of the 12th, Carver can go back to school and that will make things easier.  Although he can play by himself, he does things like wind Rosie up or wrestle Gannon.  He is a huge chatterbox and always has to say “look at this”.  There is not a quiet moment and my brain has gotten to like a few quiet moments.

We do some baking and making of favorite things…like Cheerio Bars.  You can find the recipe HERE.

The boys are both CRAZY about Duplo Legos.  I have quite a few here but Carver has gotten to liking sets and it’s been really good for him.  He’s learning to look at the pictures and recreate the object.  When I was at a thrift store a year or more ago I bought a construction set and he has been all about playing it.  The only problem, Gannon wants to play too.  Gannon, for his age, does a great job with them too.  Then a fight would ensue.

I could understand so when Carver’s quarantine started, we went on Amazon and found two sets to order.  Carver was so excited when the box came.

YAHOO!!  Here they are…

Carver decided this set was for him….

…and Gannon could have this set.  I am putting a link for the sets in the post as I know someone will ask about them.  Carver’s set is HERE.  Gannon’s is HERE.

They have been playing them lots.  That is when we aren’t outside.  The weather here in Iowa has been absolutely fabulous.  Notice Carver is barefoot.  YES, that nice!!

One of the days we spent 3 hours outside in the morning.  After they wake up from naptime, I kick them back outside.  It’s been so good for them to soak up as much sun as they can as we all know, winter is around the corner.

I really need a new swing set.  It’s on the list and I’ve been shopping for one.  I just haven’t found what I want at a price I can pay.  I’ll keep looking but come spring, this one needs to go.  I’ve been checking the online for sale groups hoping I’ll find one we can move.

Gannon has decided at this time to learn how to get out of his crib.  It’s a nightmare for me.  I have a crib in my bedroom and he will jump out of it and dig in my room.  He sleeps better if he sleeps upstairs so I don’t want him to nap in the living room with Carver…so what do I do?

I put him in bed and then sit on the top stair step cross-stitching until he falls to sleep.  What’s a grandma to do??  Gannon can see me and knows he can’t get out of bed as long as I’m there…so I don’t get a lot done during the day.  I am appreciating the 15 minutes of “me” time in the middle of the day though.

I try to get a blog post written over naptime…It’s been a scramble but I’ve been able to do it.  Then once they get up, it’s busy, busy time again.

Here Gannon was helping me take pictures of some mail that came in.  He was so excited about the piece with the trucks on it.  He would pick it up and continue to show it to me making truck noises.

Karl has been AMAZING.  He’s knows about the time he gets home from work that I need a break.  Here he’s making supper with Carver.  Karl does an excellent job of making Carver set the table and clear off the table after we’ve eaten.

I couldn’t be more impressed with the uncle that Karl has stepped up to be in all of this…and Carver just loves Karl.

We’re all doing okay.  Kalissa keeps telling me that we just need to make it through Tuesday (today) and then we’ll get a break.  That’s partly true but not all the way true.  Carver will go to school….but she’ll still be working long hours. All in the life of Covid….

11 thoughts on “Grandma Days”

  1. How wonderful to be having such good weather, glad you are enjoying it with the boys. Those block sets look like fun and perfect for something new to play with. Thank goodness Karl rolls up his sleeves and lends a helping hand, I think he is a blessing during the long days of being Grandma Jo.

  2. Boy, that swing set brings back memories, Jo!! My friends down in Florida had the same one. Did that set come with the house??? Here’s hoping you can find a nice used swing set that fits your budget!!

  3. Grandma time can be exhausting. I had my 4 year old granddaughter overnight and I didn’t sleep a wink! High alert status the whole night. I told my daughter that next time she brings a baby monitor, so I can keep my door closed and the still know what is going on. Getting outside to play is so important, soaking up the sunshine and the vitamin D! Don’t wear yourself out in the process.
    Mary /

  4. I used to watch my four grandchildren at the same time and I always needed “eyes in the back of my head”. I would be exhausted when they finally went home. Taking care of children is very different at age 25 versus 55. I think you are doing great.

  5. Love hearing how your family and you all pull together to help each other!!! You all are a good example for us – and so is your community spirit in helping others. Thanks!

  6. I was thinking the same thing as Hedy…. what a difference it was watching my own kids as a younger woman vs watching grands as a more mature woman. Like you, Jo, I’m blessed that my 2 youngest are home and as soon as they home from work it is so nice! They are a huge help!

  7. I had my daughter’s family living withe for nearly two years due to schooling and other issues. They found a place to live that they could afford and moved out. I don’t miss the crowded feeling but I do miss my grand babies. And the fun we would have. Enjoy the good weather. Barefoot in November seems impossible. I grew up in northwest Iowa brrrrrt

  8. I’ve always looked forward to Grandma days – they are so few and far between right now.
    What a blessing to have them – and to have a great uncle like Karl who has really stepped up as an uncle!
    Love and prayers

  9. You are an angel!! I take care of my 1 yr old granddaughter & at 71, I’m exhausted after 7 hrs! I just only can handle one day a week.
    So nice your son helps out. Things will get better

  10. We Grandmas are awesome. My grandbabies are now 16, 18, 19 & 21. I miss their younger years. I still get cuddles though.
    For your swing/playset replacement. Try looking for demo sets that companies build those redwood sets. Sometimes you can get a good deal and delivery. Also Sam’s Club.

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