Grandma Day!!!

My Grandma day was EXCELLENT!

It started on Tuesday night.  Carver came over and stayed overnight.  We had to be up and on the road by 5am to get to Cedar Rapids by 7am.  I pulled Carver out of bed early enough to change his diaper and get him in the car seat.  He fell back asleep and was a great passenger.

I spent a lot of time with these two…Carver next to me and Scottie to the right.

Little Lucy woke up later.  Here the boys are checking her out.  This is my first official picture of the grandkids all together.

Lucy was a little fussy in the morning trying to get herself back to sleep but she timed her day perfectly.  When the boys napped in the afternoon, she was awake and had all of my attention.

This picture is about the best I could have to describe these two….Carver is the trouble maker and loud one…Scottie is quiet and so well mannered.

Here’s a little story of something that happened.
Carver and Scottie both have started using the potty chair some.  Scottie was on the little chair.  Carver on the big toilet.  I was reading them a book trying to encourage the two of them to sit a little longer.  All of a sudden my leg was getting wet.  Carver had fine tuned his aim and peed hitting the crack between the toilet bowl and the toilet seat.  The pee came through the crack and he peed on my pants.  Oh my.  Thankfully the little guy only has a little bladder!!  I had no spare pants with so I wiped it up the best I could.

Lucy and I had a chubby cheek contest….who do you think won?

At 3:30pm or so Buck came home and my Grandma day with Scottie and Lucy was ending.  I stuck around for a bit and visited Buck then Carver and I headed out to Hobby Lobby.  He he is reading a copy of McCall’s Quilting.  I have a quilt in that issue I haven’t told you about yet….soon though.

He helped me pick out embroidery floss.  He was so good.  I would hand him a skein and he’d put it in the cart.

From there we drove to Hazelton to drop fabric off to Sandra who coordinates my big fabric donations.  She is so nice.  She was showing off a quilt that she made with the goodies I had last dropped off.  It was so nice.  My camera was in the car and Carver had enough of his car seat so was fussing.  I had to make my stop quick.

As I had come to Sandra’s house I noticed there was a park just a quarter mile or so from her house.  I asked Sandra about it and she said it had an animal refugee.  Injured animals lived there and people could view them like a zoo.  I decided to take Carver and give him a break from the car seat.  He loved it!  Here he is checkout out the ducks.

They had a fox (pictured below), pheasants, and owl, a black bear, an eagle, rabbits, a vulture, and I can’t remember what else.  There were nice sidewalks in between the cages.  It was perfect for Carver.  Here the fox was sleeping.

From there groceries..then the gas station and last McDonalds.

Carver was so good.  I was a little worried that I had bit off more than I could chew by bringing him but I didn’t.  It went so good.  I loved seeing Buck’s kids without mom and dad around.  Kids act different on their own.  I need time with the two of them.  I will definitely be having more Grandma days.  It was so fun…having those two on the other end of my drive made it seem like a much shorter trip.

7 thoughts on “Grandma Day!!!”

  1. What a wonderful day you had with all of the grandkids, Lucy is such a sweetie with those chubby cheeks. Glad you can build those memories with all of them.

  2. What a fun post! Such sweet kids. That potty story got me laughing. You must have been at Fontana Park. It’s a great place for kids to explore. I used to camp out there when I was in Girl Scouts. Fun memories, except for being flooded out once. Have a good day!

  3. I loved the picture with you and Lucy. One of my sisters sucked her thumb, and she also had to have a finger hooked up over her nose (maybe to kind of anchor her thumb). That picture brought back good memories. Glad you had a fun day with the grandkids. Note to self for you: take an extra change of clothes. :>)

  4. Dorothy Countryman

    3 beautiful grandchildren!!! I have meant to comment with other pictures of Carver, but I can not get over how much that boy looks like you Jo <3

  5. What great memories you are building. Lucy is a beautiful baby. And those boys….cute, cute, cute. Enjoy and have fun.

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