Grandma Day

I had my daughters Kalissa and Kelli’s kids on Saturday so it was a Grandma Day.  Here are a few clips from the day.

Georgia is going through a phase where she tries to pose for a photo thinking she is looking cute…but she really isn’t.  Here is one of those showing off her accomplishment.  She is playing with THIS TOY which is really popular at my house.  So popular that I have two so sharing doesn’t become an issue.

Here Georgie is with… Gannon…She’s doing a little better in this photo.  Do you recognize anything about Gannon?  His tube is out.  If you didn’t hear, that happened Wednesday of last week.  We’ve been slow to say a lot as we wanted to be sure it was out for good.

Gannon is back to his old self…minus 8 pounds.  Can you believe he lost that much weight over the course of the month since his surgery?  We’re pretty much letting him eat whatever he wants.

Here is Kalissa’s baby Anders…with Georgie and me.

Eli got ahold of my camera.  He took a picture of himself.

Here’s a picture Carver took of me and Anders.

Carver who is six introduced the younger kiddos to Lego Dam Breach videos on Youtube.  You can see the kids were all into it.  What happens is someone set up Legos in sand.  It might be a fire scene or a train scene.  There are Lego men too.  Then they start adding water to simulate dam breaking and the area flooding.  It happens fairly slowly and the kids were mesmerized.    If you want to try them out with the kiddos in your life, just do to Youtube and search Lego Dam Breach.  Several options will come up.

I was so thankful that naptime came around…but then Georgie threw a fit and didn’t want a blanket or pillow.  She ended up falling asleep like this…Rosie, my beagle, is expressing how I was feeling about this time of the day.

Gannon is MUCH more compliant and just went to sleep.

Lefty, my foster pup, was the star of the day.  Everyone loved up on him and he was totally content with all of the attention.  Here is Eli getting some kisses.

Who wouldn’t love coming to a grandma’s house where there are puppies most of the time?    Lefty’s adoption fell through.  No fault of his own of course.  Someone just changed their mind due to unforeseen circumstances.    We’re working on finding him a new home.

Lefty was so happy to be the star of the show!!

Kelli was sleeping upstairs while the chaos was happening downstairs.  She’s a nurse and works overnights.

We had to pile onto the couch and show Kelli the Lego Dam Breach videos so her kids would watch them at her house.

We made it through the day and get to do it all over again next Saturday.  Hopefully, by then Lefty has found a home.  Fingers crossed.

Thanks for coming along on our Saturday Grandma Day adventure.

18 thoughts on “Grandma Day”

  1. Oh so much fun!! It is so wonderful you are able to do this to help your daughters. The kids are so darling, but you have your hands full. I take it there wasn’t any sewing getting done! LOL. Grandkiddos trump sewing for sure.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    So glad for the good news about Gannon. I’d bet when everyone went home Saturday evening you went to bed shortly after supper. 5 littles to play with wears a grandma out. Thanks for sharing the Lego breach video. Have fun this Saturday too.

    1. Judith…I actually stayed up until midnight. I wrote blog posts and then stitched until midnight taking in some”me” time.

  3. The picture of you, Anders and Georgia gives us a good look at her face when she isn’t posing. Great pictures!

  4. I love all of your blog posts, but I especially love the kiddo ones. I feel like I know these children, and its so fun to watch them grow. SO happy gannon is on the mend.

  5. I”m so glad Gannon is doing better. Lefty is a sweet puppy. He’s so pretty. You had a very busy day. Grandkids wear grandma’a out. But they are all cute.

  6. You’re so blessed Jo with these beautiful grandchildren…so happy to see Gannon feeling better! He is the sweetest little guy. I really enjoy when you show us pics of the kids. It looks very cold there in Iowa!! We had more snow this morning in Littleton, CO. Not much but it’s sitting on top of previous snow! It’s not even Jan. 15th…going to be a long, long winter.

  7. Gannon looks pretty happy to be without his tube and those smiles are wonderful to see. What a fun day at G-ma house.

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