Grandkid Weekend

Last night I told you about the skating adventure with the grandkids.  Today I thought I would tell you about other fun we had.

Here is Jasper trying to avoid eating by wearing Minnie Mouse glasses.  My grandkids are wonderful but they are the worst eaters except for Eli.  He’s an awesome eater.

The kids wanted me to make cinnamon rolls.  It’s the grandma thing to do at my house.  The kids will likely always remember me for making cinnamon rolls.  Years from now they will get together and talk about it as I regularly make them when the kids and grandkids are home.

The kids do a good job of taking turns.

This day… I came down to take care of the dogs, then planned on going back upstairs to take a shower when the kids all talked me into making cinnamon rolls.  So I started the cinnamon rolls while I was still in my pajamas.

Lilly is rolling the dough in these pictures.

You can see that the cinnamon rolls were done and on the stove in the background.  On this day I also made Pepperoni Rolls.

Here are the Pepperoni Rolls.  I take the same dough I use for making cinnamon rolls only after I roll it out I layer American cheese over the top and then put LOTS of pepperonis all over the cheese.  I roll them up, slice them and put them in the pan.  I sprinkled them with sea salt, onion powder, and garlic powder.  They were so good.  Buck and Karl raved about them.

Monday rolled around and I still had people at my house.  I was babysitting Kelli’s kids.  Here are Eli and Emmett meeting Freckles.

Georgie really liked him.

The next day…still had kids here.  This time it was Kalissa and Craig’s boys.  They had never seen Scooby Doo so I found it on the television and sat and cross-stitched.  I was pooped.

Later I made a cake, had everyone for supper and we celebrated Gannon’s birthday.  My bestest buddy is four.  It’s so hard to believe.

What a crazy week of family!!  I love but as always after they come, I was pooped.

6 thoughts on “Grandkid Weekend”

  1. Your grandchildren are a delight. Carver looks so grown up and responsible. As a retired Primary teacher, children always catch my eye as you might imagine. Hope Gannon enjoyed his cake. Lucky children to have such an amazing Granny!

  2. What fun you and the kids had this weekend!! I didn’t leave a comment on the Kindred Spirit quilt finish post. Boy, is it ever a beauty, Jo!! I’m in the “Keeper” camp. I think I would definitely have to make another (simpler) quilt for the Fireman’s Raffle!

  3. What wonderful memories you are making with those cinnamon rolls and the grandkids. I often recall my grandmother making us potato pancakes, they were the best. Happy Birthday to Gannon, can’t believe he is four.

  4. Jo, will you give out your cinnamon roll dough recipe? I tried to find it with no luck.
    Thanks for your blog. I love your dog stories. I have a new dog and her name is Rosie.
    Grandkids all out of state and now all grown. Love to see how close you are to yours.

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