Grandkid Weekend

All the grandkids were home this weekend…except for my oldest daughter Kelli and her kids. It was a fun weekend and Jerry got a good taste of life with little kids.

I’ve told you in a previous post that I’m dating a guy named Jerry and that Jerry doesn’t have kids or grandkids. So…a dose of seven grandkids was interesting…but Jerry did a great job with them. Here he is pushing Anders.

Jerry and I took on babysitting duties on Friday night when the adults went to see Pork Tornadoes, an Iowa band, who were playing at a local town celebration.

Here the kids thought Jerry was cool because he could balance a flat football on his head. HA. That’s Scotty, Lucy, and Carver with him.

Then Lucy had to try to see if she could do it too.

Here’s another cute picture of Lucy and Izzy.

On Saturday we all went to the town celebration and took part in the Kid Zone area where there were bouncy houses, face painting, and the like.

Here is Gannon showing off his balloon lightsaber.

The weather was cold and dreary but we tried to make the best of it. Here the girls, Lilly and Lucy got their faces painted.

Here is Jasper after he went down the slide at the bouncy house.

Scotty won a carnival game and got this headband.

Some of the kids entered the kiddie tractor pull. Carver got third place.

Then it was back to my house for some cousin time.

Seeing Jerry jumping in and doing all the grandpa stuff just melted my heart. He doesn’t have to love these grandkids of mine. He doesn’t have to play with them or even be a part of their lives. I gave him the option of being “all-in” or only having a relationship with only me. He chose the grandkids…I loved that! Then to see him just jumping in was wonderful. There is a big difference in saying…and doing. Jerry is doing things with the kids in a big way!

The kids loved him. Sweet Lilly has a bit of baby talk still in her and she calls Jerry, Jer-we. She attached herself to Jerry. It was precious. Here Jerry is reading books to Lilly and Lucy.

Carver told Jerry he was going to call him Jer-old because his name was Jerry and he is old. HA!! A whole lot of teasing happened this weekend!!

Saturday night we all went and watched Carver play ball. That was fun too. Jerry is a sports fan and it’s been a few years since he’s seen a little kids ball game.

When Jerry was leaving on Saturday night I walked Jerry to the car and Lucy kind of followed us. Then she said, “Do you two kiss each other?” Oh my. I jokingly told her that was a question she should probably ask Jerry. He laughed and told her yes we do…then he kissed me. Lucy said, “Is that because you love each other?”. Oh my.

She is also the kid who interrogated Jerry when she first met him. She’s watching out for her grandma. HA!!

I am so happy with how well the grandkids, and my adult kids, are accepting Jerry. As you can see by the pictures, he loves the kids and is fitting in well with the family. I couldn’t be happier to have him as part of the family and obviously from the pictures, he likes it too!

13 thoughts on “Grandkid Weekend”

  1. This post made me chuckle. Children don’t hold back do they! I think Jerry is delighted that he has an excuse to be a kid again so is thoroughly enjoying the playing. I’d jump at the chance to whoop around with grandchildren – not got them, neither of mine have any and I can’t foresee them in the future. Enjoy the fun while you all can!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, this reads like a great weekend. So glad you found someone who loves you but loves all your children.

  3. That looks like one wonderful day with Jerry and the kids. They are accepting him and he’s all in on the fun. I bet he was tired by the time he got home but that’s a great kind of “tired!” I’m so happy you two have found each other.

  4. It seems like a win-win for everyone! Jerry gets to have grandchildren without having to raise children first! Good thing he can roll with the punches…..those grandchildren leave nothing unsaid! They are precious. So happy for you Jo! (And I am glad he kisses you!)

  5. Sounds like a super fun weekend. So glad the grandkids and adult children all like and approve of Jerry. He looks like he enjoys them all. Keep up the fun even though it keeps you out of your sewing room – haha!

  6. Marsha from Kansas

    I love your grandkids posts. Each one is so cute and has his/her own personality. I used to teach a 4-5 year old preschool class and I loved that age. Thank you for letting us join you on your weekend with Jerry and the grandkids. So glad you and Jerry are enjoying life. You deserve it!

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