Grandkid Weekend

I’ve had several blog readers comment that they miss pictures and stories about the grandkids. I do too. Being that I’m not doing regular childcare for them and got a job at the vet clinic, I just don’t see them as much. I do have to say when I see them now, it’s even more special.

All of the grandkids were home last weekend. Kalissa was on duty to fix hair.

The boys were busy playing with the army men I bought at the thrift store. They are getting a lot of playtime.

The adults snuck in two rounds of the Train Game. Karl smoked us in the last game getting the highest score we’d ever seen. Congrats to him.

Yes…Eli did fall asleep on Kelli’s lap. It was so nice to have Kelli and Kalissa (for part of the time). Both are nurses working many overnight shifts and weekend shifts. Kelli was able to get call and hang out with us. Kalissa got call for part of the night.

You might notice a new face with Buck. It’s his girlfriend. The fun part of that is that we all know her. She started out as Kelli’s friend years and years ago. Then she became a family friend and was even in Kalissa’s wedding serving as Kalissa’s personal attendant. We all know her and love her. It was the first “official” time she came as Buck’s girlfriend. Buck’s kids all really like her already-she a natural with the kids…I’m super happy and am hoping they can make a go of a relationship.

We’ve told them both again and again that we’re gonna love them both no matter what happens down the road.

My apologies that I didn’t get a good picture of the two of them. They’ll be back for Thanksgiving so I’m hoping we get one then.

The weather was great outside. The kids got to play lots. Here is Lucy.

Anders is getting big. He turned one in September and is a pretty good walker now.

Gannon was the best helper this weekend. He wanted Lilly to go outside and play with him. Lilly is just over a year younger than Gannon. Here Gannon is helping her get her shoes on.

It was so precious. I could hear him saying to her. Okay, we have your foot in. Now you need to push and stomp. Just precious!! Then Gannon zipped her coat explaining to her how to do it. It totally melted my heart.

I snapped a couple of pictures of them playing. Lilly just adores Gannon and he loves being a “big” cousin.

The dogs had a great time hanging out. If you remember, Spot, Buck’s dog, was one of my foster dogs.

I love getting to see him.

Before everyone left, we did try to get a grandma picture…Are you ready for a big laugh??

Three of the 10 kids are picking their noses in the picture on the left. Oh my.

We didn’t get a good picture in the 20 or so that Kalissa tried to take. In the picture below it’s left to right, Georgia, Lilly, Jasper, Scott peaking over my shoulder, Anders and Emmet. In the second row it’s Lucy, Kayla helping Eli with his glasses, Carver and Gannon playing with handcuffs.

We hired a professional photographer to get family pictures taken over Thanksgiving break. Wish us luck. Hopefully, the kids will respond better to him. UGH.

All too soon it was time for everyone to start heading home. Here’s Jasper all buckled and ready to go.

When our kids were little and we went to visit Grandma Kramer (my husband’s mom) she always got all teary-eyed when we left. It about broke my heart because she was a really strong, stoic, hard-working woman who didn’t show a lot of emotions at all. It always surprised me that she did. I get it now. It’s hard not to get teary-eyed when they all leave. Thank goodness Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

10 thoughts on “Grandkid Weekend”

  1. What a fun time those cousins must have had! It is so fun to hear about Gannon helping Lilly. He has come so far. All the kiddos are growing and are just adorable. I am so glad you shared this weekend time – thanks!

  2. You are lucky to have them, and they are lucky to have you! I know exactly what you mean when they leave to go home. We miss them so much!!! Luckily ours live fairly close and we see or FaceTime often (but not often enough). They are busy and I get that. I do cherish every minute.

  3. Oh I love the photos of Gannon helping Lilly, so cute! The grandma pictures made me laugh – I think the professional photographer is going to have some fun! I’m glad you had such a great weekend with your family. Lovely memories.

  4. Looks like a great weekend. All the kids are growing so much. I just love Gannon’s ‘squinty eye’ smiles. My son used to do that when he was little.

  5. Such a wonderful weekend with your “grands”. You are so fortunate they live close like that. And those pictures – so funny!
    As for teary-eyed, oh yes! We’re like that when we leave our daughter’s house in AL – yes, even hubby. Now we understand why our parents did.
    Love and prayers

  6. Thanks Jo for the smiles and photos. All the grands have grown so much over the summer. Anders is getting to be a big boy. I love Lucy’s smile. If I recall she was so shy. My husband’s family use to get together and play games like this. I sure miss those get together. I chukled at the Grandma pictues. It looks like it was like trying to wrangle 10 barn cats! I think the photographer better have a whole bag of tricks up her/his sleeves. She/he will have their work cut out for them.

  7. Beryl in Owatonna

    Thank you for the update!! they are growing so fast. You can tell they are all related!!
    I couldn’t read the first two articles, I had one like that the other day too. So no Cresco ladies quilts.
    I love your house…all of the old things are wonderful. I have old things too but a very small apartment so don’t have near the collection you do. Praying you are feeling well…you must be or you wouldn’t be so busy!! Thanks again.

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