Grandkid Photo BOMB!!

I’ve been busy between dogs and grandkids someone is always here!! I thought I would share some of the recent grandkids photos with you. The weather has been so nice and we’re appreciated it…LOTS!!

Kelli, our daughter, was home with her kids on Monday and I had our daughter Kalissa’s kiddos here too. I grabbed a few pictures of them.

Here is Gannon. Isn’t it great to see him happy and healthy? If you remember it was Gannon that had the feeding tube last December after a tonsil/adenoid surgery went bad.

I am so thankful to see him like this!!

He is VERY into drawing and writing right now.

We had Anders outside with us. We put him in a sweatshirt and took his exersaucer outside. He is the happiest baby!! You can always catch him smiling like this.

Carver ditched his coat. It really wasn’t warm enough but he’s getting to that age where it’s hard to tell them somethings.

Gannon was being a great big cousin and helping Eli ride on the pumper.

Emmett was more interested in the sandbox.

Georgie was having a tough time of things. Gannon has learned to pump (he has a swingset at his house) and Georgia hasn’t learned yet. She was feeling a little left out. Kelli is trying to find a swing set for her family like Kalissa and I found. We got ours on Facebook Marketplace…they are use but some assembled and are a fraction of the cost.

The other grandkids weren’t here but I have a couple of recent pictures of them that were sent to me. Here is my daughter Kayla’s son Jasper. He’s at a super fun age!!

Here is my son Buck’s boy Scotty. They got an unexpected snow so Scotty went out and made a snowman.

I don’t have pictures of Lily and Lucy to share. Hopefully in the next grandkid photo bomb I will.

Every time I hang out with the grandkids that live close I can’t help but wish the kids that lived two hours away were closer. I can’t imagine what all you who have kids that live other states do!! I’m so blessed and so thankful to have them close.

They all keep me on my toes and I love it.

6 thoughts on “Grandkid Photo BOMB!!”

  1. Thanks for sharing these photos with us, Jo! It’s lovely to see how they’re all doing. I’m so glad Gannon is doing so well after the surgery trauma.
    The play set you found on Facebook is “worth it’s weight in gold”!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Love the pictures. My folks would try to visit each of our families at least once a year. Of course the families who were closest they saw more often.
    Mom baby-sat several of the grands and great grands. She was the best babysitter.

  3. Love, love the pictures. Our grands lived in our town 4 years ago. Then they moved to ND. It’s a 12 hour drive one way! So we see them at our house about twice a year and once at their house. In the summer our daughter doesn’t have daycare so I spend a month with her taking care of the kids and help with preparing 4-H projects for the fair. They also spend about one summer month with the other grandparents. Sometimes we just have to get creative to get together. Our daughter is great about sending text photos though. And we talk often.

  4. Oh so much fun!! All the kids are so adorable and it has to be fun in many ways to have them close in age. They sure seem to have fun together. Yes, it is hard having my grands (and great-grands!) many states away so we live through others’ grands – like yours! I love seeing the pictures you post of yours.

  5. What wonderful pictures, so nice to see Gannon happy and thriving again. It must of been nice to get them all outside to play and enjoy the sunshine. Scotty did a great job on his snowman.

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