Grand Canyon Trip–Lava Flow and Indian Ruins

A post from Kelli–

I’m working on a series of posts summarizing and sharing all of the fun that I had on my recent trip to Arizona.

After getting to Flagstaff, we quickly went to sleep and were up and at ’em bright and early to go check out the Grand Canyon.  On our way, we stopped at an ancient lava flow.

Lava and Ruins 1 (300x400)
All of these rocks are made of lava from an ancient lava flow.  When checking them out, it was really interesting, but almost left me with more questions than answers.  How deep does the lava flow go?  What kinds of animals and remains are under and through the lava flow?  How long ago did this happen?

Lava and Ruins 2 (300x400)
It was also interesting to see some of the rock formations.  Three were a few hiking trails around that we saw people on, but we just took the short walking trail to get a couple extra looks.

Lava and Ruins 3 (400x300)
After checking out the lava flow, we drove a bit further down the road and checked out these old Indian ruins.  They were really interesting to explore because you could see where there were different levels at one time.  It was also interesting to see the shorter doorways, leading me to believe that people at the time it was built may have been significantly shorter than our current humab population.  It was cool to walk around the bottom of it as well and see the base that it was on as from the bottom, it didn’t look overly stable as the base had worn away in some places.

After jumping back in the car, we were off to the Grand Canyon!

Stay tuned to see where the rest of our travels took us in exploring the great state of Arizona!




4 thoughts on “Grand Canyon Trip–Lava Flow and Indian Ruins”

  1. Looks like you had some great weather for the trip – we could use some of that blue sky here. Thanks for sharing – I enjoy looking at your travel photos.

  2. Lynne Nicholson UK

    Hi finally worked out how to comment on your blog.
    Though there was a shorter average for the human population in the past the other advantage of lower doors were they were easier to defend if you have to duck down it makes it harder to charge in on attack and you are automatically at a disadvantage for using your weapons.

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