Grand Canyon Trip–Glendale Shops!

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I’m working on a serious of posts summarizing all of the fun I had on my recent trip to Arizona!

Flying 1 (300x400)

We were so lucky that Jason’s aunt Wendy lives near Phoenix in Glendale.  When we got there after flying all day, it was great to sit down, eat a meal, and take a nap.  Being the small town, middle of nowhere girl that I am, Arizona was sooo different.  The style of houses is so different and unique.  Also, even though it appears Wendy lives in a pretty nice area, doors are always locked and many houses have bars on them.  I really don’t think I’ve ever locked my car or even taken the keys out of it when it’s at home since I moved in with Jason–7 years ago.  Also–THERE’S NOT MUCH GRASS!  I think that was the biggest shocker for me.  I’ve seen pictures of houses from Arizona before too and noticed that they often have lots of tile and thought that was just crazy because the floors would get cold.  Surprise though–Arizona is not a very cold place.

After a much needed rest, we got up showered and headed out to check out the little shops in downtown Glendale.

Shop 1 (300x400)
One of the first places we stopped at had homemade soap–The Pear and Berry was AMAZING!

Shop 2 (300x400)
This little shop had a ledge of sorts above much of their merchandise that they used to display small furniture pieces.  I found lots of cool chairs and little end tables, but there’s no way that they would have been able to come back with me.

Shop 3 (300x400)
This store also had a boutique in the back with tons of cute clothes!

Shop 5 (300x400)
The next shop we stopped at was an antique store.  And they had tons of stuff!

My favorite part though was probably Charlie the greeting dog.  For a bit I thought he was just a statue, but he definitely wasn’t.  The shop owner said that they bring him down to the shop with them and he just hangs out for the day.  He was such a nice dog!  I definitely took a couple minutes to pet him and hang out with him as I was really missing Miss Puppycat!  I did snap a picture of Charlie…

Shop 4-Dog (300x400)

Shop 6 (300x400)
Here’s a lamp that I found that was super neat–It’s a bundt pan with a light baulb in it as a lamp! Isn’t that neat?

Shop 7 (300x400)They also had a second level–Isn’t this view great?

Here was one of my favorite things that I found.  Isn’t it so true?

Shop 8 (300x400)I don’t know about you, but this is pretty real for me!

Stay tuned to see where the rest of our travels took us in exploring the great state of Arizona!







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  1. Thanks for sharing your adventure to the Grand Canyon with us, cant wait to see the rest of the journey. Safe travels.

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