Gracie and a Giveaway…

Gracie is not very happy…it’s thundering and she doesn’t like thunder.  Isn’t it cute that even a dog will head to a quilt for comfort?


Everyone is always asking about our beagle, Gracie.  To find out how we got her, the changes she’s made in our lives and to be entered into an awesome giveaway, head on over to my review page.

2 thoughts on “Gracie and a Giveaway…”

  1. Poor Gracie. My pug, Biscuit, doesn’t like the thunder either. Thanks for the link to her story. I’m so glad you rescued her to her forever home.

  2. Toni Anne Potter

    I think you and your family are Gracie’s angels. My collie is also a rescue, who is terrified of thunder and lightening. I love the photo of Gracie sitting on the dishwasher door. I also love a happy ending. Just think if you didn’t rescue her she wouldn’t have become a supermodel. Thanks for telling us Gracie’s story. ;>

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