Gotcha Day!!

Last week on the 6th was our Gotcha Day for our grandson Scotty. It’s been four years since Scotty officially came into our family. We had already claimed him as our own but that was the day his adoption became official.

This was the official grandma and grandkid photo from the day. I remember sitting there and wishing my husband could have been there. He thought the world of Scotty and would have loved being there to officially welcome him to the family and be a part of giving Scotty the Kramer name. But sadly my husband had passed away a few months earlier and missed this important day in the family.

For those curious, from left to right, it’s Scotty, Lucy, me holding Georgia and Gannon, and then Carver. There were five grandkids then…now there are 10!

Scotty is such a goofy kid and so much fun. There is no way a person couldn’t fall in love with him.

Carver and Gannon are close cousins and now that they are a little older they can handle themselves together. Initially, they had so much energy together and were so wild. They could drive us adults crazy…I’m so glad they have mellowed!!

Scotty is my first grandkid who loved playing with my pins.

He really enjoys hanging out with me in the sewing room. Here he took all my clips to make a cozy bed for his bunny. He clipped fabric all around the edges of a box. He likes it so much that I bought an extra package of clips so he can have them when he comes here.

Before long, I think I need to fire up the Featherweight and teach him to use the sewing machine.

Scotty is up to try something new. He roller skated for the first time last Winter and did a great job!!

He likes the outdoors most of the time…

He is currently way into anything that has to do with farming and tractors!

He likes to be a part of what’s going on and to be a helper.

He hasn’t always liked dogs but he’s coming around…I just love this picture of my son Buck, Scotty’s Dad, and their family. If you know them all, their personalities all show through so well in the picture.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate Scotty’s Gotcha Day. You’d never know he wasn’t originally a Kramer kid. He fits it just perfectly into the bunch. I’ll always miss that I wasn’t there to hold him as a baby and that I missed the first 18 months of his life…but now that I have him, I’m not letting him go. I am so proud to have him carry the Kramer name. Happy Gotcha Day Scotty…your Grandma loves you S-O-O-O-O much!

14 thoughts on “Gotcha Day!!”

  1. Scotty is so lucky to call you all his family. Likewise, you’re all lucky to have such a lovely boy. He really is the perfect fit. Thanks for sharing with us, Jo.

  2. Congratulations! Scotty is officially a Kramer. We had a “gotcha day” years ago and added three (siblings) grandkids to our family. So much love and happiness when they are “yours”!

  3. Scotty won the lottery with being a family member but the Kramer family also won the lottery when Scotty became a Kramer, Its a win for all involved. Love his smile and his quietness.

  4. Years ago, when we adopted my sister, we called it “when she was born to us”. The first time she said this it just stuck. One of the best days of my life gaining a sister and becoming one. Scotty is so blessed to be a part of your family. Kramers are a very loving clan!

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