Goodwill Siting

Here is what tempted me at Goodwill today.


It is a White machine.  It shows some wear.  The pink sure was cute making it even more tempting…and only $20.

I passed and left it for another collector.  If it wouldn’t have been in a cabinet it would have been mine!

8 thoughts on “Goodwill Siting

  1. mary

    true, one can only have so many cabinets before the hubby starts making unhappy sounds, I’ve reached my (his) limit at 5

  2. Ruth

    I also passed on a Singer today, in a carry case, at an estate sale. It was so heavy that I couldn’t lift it. It was even heavier than my mother’s blackhead Singer. It must have been all metal. It was cream and rust brown, very new looking. But waaaaaayy too heavy!

  3. Nanette

    Nothing says it has to stay in the cabinet, you could put it in a box……

    Sorry, I’m no good at talking you out of sewing machine, we never find deals like this in Florida.

  4. Phyllis

    I have been dying for a pink machine (I am a BC survivor). What a deal. $20. Never bargains like that in Philly😒

  5. claire in NY

    sighting. the word you want is sighting. Very cool machine by the way. I sew on a gifted 1936 featherweight. If I could find a zig – zagger for it I’d be set for life.

  6. Billie F

    Boy! I’ve always thought your Goodwill has good prices but that makes me want to get in the car and come visit! ha ha. but I understand no room because that’s where I’m at. She’s a beauty for sure.

  7. carolyn

    Even when I go on vaca, and stop at goodwill thrift stores I never find a bargain like that either. My mom had a White and we both wish she still did!


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