Goodwill SCORE!!

Last week on Thursday Izzy, my new dog, had to go in and get spayed.  She’s doing good and not licking so no cone of shame for her.  She’s resting…just what the doctor ordered.

The vet that I was working with is in Decorah, a half hour from my house.  I had to make a trip there in the morning and a trip there to pick her up after she was ready to come home.  I ended up stopping at Goodwill being I was in town and I’m so glad that I did.  I can’t wait to show you what I found.

I got four bags of fabric.  Typically I don’t find much at Goodwill and when I do, it’s higher priced than I want to pay.  I still look and still hope that I’ll hit a jackpot there…and this day, I did.  At least I think it was a jackpot.  You’ll have to read the post and let me know it you would have bought the goodies.

Here they are…

The first bag was $2.

There are 20 of these blocks.  There are other scraps that go with the fabrics used on this.  I’m not sure if I’ll put this together and donate it or if I’ll pass it along to the Cresco Ladies.  Either way, it was a deal for $2.

On any other day at Goodwill, this would have likely been $8.

The next bag was…$3.  I knew there was fabric in this bag that I wouldn’t keep.

The top of the bag was flannel and I typically don’t make stuff with it.  The dark piece in the middle top is 4 1/2 yards so I’ll save that for backing.  The checkered piece is wool.  I’ll save that too.  The gold pile is flannel and the pile next to it is metalic.  Those I’ll pass on.  The bicycle pattern is embroidery.  I might see if Jazz wants that.

The next bag was $3.

There are all 1-2 yard pieces except for the lime green and the floral at the top.  That floral is just border width but there is a lot of it.  It will make a great quilt.  The brown on the right might go with the blocks from the first bag.  I need some sashing for them and that might work.

The best bag of the bunch was this one…$3

I wasn’t sure but was hopeful for this project.

I slowly started taking out pieces.  They were already appliqued down.

I started putting the pieces today still hoping and hoping that there was very little to be completed.

OH WOW!!  Most of it is here!!!

These need to be appliqued.

These flowers at the top and bottom need to be appliqued.

There is really very little work that needs to be finished.

Even better news, the templates and the pieces are here to finish it.

The binding is all cut and ready to go…I think the binding is even ready.  Oh my!

There is extra scrap fabric too.

I am not an applique gal but maybe I can manage to do that much.  I’ll likely keep it a year and if I don’t finish it in that time, I’ll pass it on.  I still can’t believe how good the deals were.

I did leave one kit there.  It was a Christmas tree kit and it didn’t excite me so I left it for someone who might love it.

So if you tally it up…I spent $11.
I got one set of blocks to make a lap quilt.
I got a complete kit, almost finished, applique quilt.
I got one embroidery pattern and fabric and 2 yards of fabric I’ll donate.
I got about 12 more yards of fabric.

WOWZA!  It’s a good thing I don’t find those deals every day.  My sewing room would be overflowing.

So…of the four bags, would you have bought them?  Would have left them?  Would have bought only one of the bags?  Curious minds want to know!  Leave a comment and let me know.

51 thoughts on “Goodwill SCORE!!”

    1. Yes I would have bought them all and given away what I did t care for so many people out there who sew mittens to quilts lap blanket and donate them. Surely we can all use a little hand out sometimes. Great buy.

  1. Yes, I would have bought them!! Goodwill has become very pricey. When you know everything is given to them, I think they are too expensive, but I get excited when its fabric or floss. We have one thrift shop and they have increased their prices too. They had so many skeins of DMC floss that I went two weeks in a row. They were 35 cents each!

    1. Yes, I definitely would have bought them. Even if it’s not stuff I want to finish, there are always other people that I can pass them on to. Good deals are getting harder to find!

    2. There are good prices available on stuff. All the prices have gone up a bit but that’s because prices to run a business has also gone up. The biggest issue with goodwill and savers and thrifts in general, is they are no longer there for people who need stuff for themselves. These stores now are for the resellers and all they want is the cheapest price available so THEY can make a profit when they sell.

    3. Judith Fairchild

      I know the triumph of a score like that. I would have taken every one of those pretties.
      I was at a yard sale and found a partial bolt of fabric. I got it for $15.00 got it home and wondered how much fabric was on the bolt. It was 23 yards. I made a some badly needed curtains. Used some as backing on a quilt and still have a lot of it. Lovely lighter stripes in primary colors. We are happy campers with scores like ours

  2. I would have left the bag with the bicycle pattern there, but I would buy the other three bags. Those are good prices for Goodwill. They usually overprice the merchandise.

  3. Katherine Gourley

    Yes, I would have bought them. Wow, I am jealous. Our Goodwill would never have them and if they did they would charge much more. Some one there prices things as if they are brand new retail items. I don’t go there often anymore. You find the best buys that I have ever seene.

  4. I would have bought them, but my Goodwill never has stuff like this. My sewing area is spread out between the kitchen and the living room. It’s already overflowing, but I still would’ve bought them. Way to go Jo. I’m glad to see Izzy has found her forever home.

  5. This year I am on a NO buying kick as I have 826 years worth of fabric to sew so NO I would not have bought them BUT you did great!!!!!! If I ever drive north again I will bring you some cartons of fabric to use and give. Dealing with fabric is SOOOO fun.

    1. How do you calculate fabric in years??? No, on second thought, I don’t want to know! I did read that fabric has no expiration date. Maybe a “best by” date, but then again I still love the tiny pink roses on brown that went into my first quilt. And you’re right…fabric is sooo fun! Thanks for the chuckle.

      1. I love tiny pink roses on brown too! Mine was used for a prairie style blouse that I made in the 80s that I can’t wear but can’t get rid of either – haha!

  6. Great finds, Jo! Yes, I would have bought them. The applique project uses quilt-shop quality Thimbleberries fabric. If you need more. I’m sure many of us would have it!! If you don’t want to applique that one row, how about making star blocks?

  7. I would definitely have bought them all. With the price of fabric at the quilt shops these days, you did great! The Goodwill I go to is really pricey and, their craft/ fabric section seems like an afterthought with everything crammed together in a few plastic bins. You sure hit your store at the right time.

  8. Jo, Have you ever gone to the Vesterheim Museum in Decorah? My son has pieces in there and has taught carving around your area. HIs Name is Alex Yerks and he carves spoons and cups called kuksas.

  9. OMG Jo this could not have happened to a kinder or more deserving lady than you!!!! I am soooo happy for you. Yes, of course, I would have bought all of them!!! God Blessed you for all the good you have done for Izzy❤️

  10. You scored big time!! I’d have paid $8 just for the New England Sampler applique kit. I love that $2 bag with the red and blue blocks. I could’ve passed on the rest, but you did good. You’ve always got a purpose in mind for bags of cuts that aren’t matching and don’t look like much. You’ve such a keen eye!! So enjoy all your posts, Jo!!

  11. P.S. Did I miss something? You said Izzy, “my new dog,” insteadt of “my foster dog.” ♥ Shes is such a good girl.

    1. Yes! She is a foster fail…and has adopted Izzy! Go back a few posts and she tells about deciding to keep her. Izzy fits right into the family!

  12. Great haul!! I would have definitely bought the kit, but maybe not the others. It is hard to say if I was shopping, I might have bought the others. I’m glad Izzy is doing good.

  13. Wowza is right!!! What a haul. I would have loved the last bag. Having all that applique completed would have be huge to me… and it looks like it’s well done. Have fun enjoying your treasures!

  14. I definitely would have bought them. I go to thrift stores all the time and buy fabric there for just pennies compared to fabric stores. I’m thinking an auction for the appliqué quilt top would be nice if you don’t want it. I’m sure several people (Me!) would help boost your postage fund. Hope Izzy is feeling better now. She is so sweet looking.

  15. Yes, yes, yes, and yes! You find the best deals, Jo. I’ve been given lots of orphan blocks and cast-off quilt starts. What I can’t reconstruct I make into row quilts for LWR. Not fancy, but serviceable. Always a good feeling to rescue a project like the New England Sampler! And I’m glad your personal rescue, Izzy, is doing well, too.

  16. I would’ve bought it, or most of it anyway, especially the almost completed quilt, although I too am not big on appliqué quilts. I only wish I could buy this kind of thing at our thrift stores(or opportunity shops as we call them in Australia). There is material to be found but not to the same extent.

  17. We don’t get fabric deals in the thrift stores out here (southern CA). I plan to look when we travel next month. Hope to find some deals. I would LOVE that appliqué quilt!

  18. Linda G Jarnecke

    I would have killed to find that applique quilt top. I wanted that pattern years ago when it came out but couldn’t afford it at the time. Maybe not all the fabrics used would have been my first choice, but it still would have made a great quilt to work on and own.

  19. Glenda Fletcher

    Glad Izzy is doing ok. I would have bought them also as could pass what I didn’t want on to a quilt group.
    I am late in responding to the next stitch along. Most any thing would be fine with me. The quote can be changed in the religious ones. I will on some of mine that I have purchased. Will have to figure out how to
    do it.

  20. Diane Masschaele

    Of course! An awesome buy and then the added excitement when I got home to examine every bag to see exactly what they contained! Bingo!

  21. Yes, I would have bought them all for those prices! You really are blessed to have Izzy in your life! What a cutie and such a good pup! Enjoy her and Rosie. Hope all goes well with Annie too.

  22. Great find! I would’ve followed your choices!! If you find yourself not wanting to do the appliqué, I enjoy appliqué very much!

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