Goodwill, a blessing and a curse.

It’s no secret.  I LOVE Goodwill.  I LOVE second hand shopping…but, sometimes, it can come back and haunt me. I have been shopping for new dishes, not at Goodwill, but in actual stores.  Nothing has really “tripped my trigger” unitl I saw these.
 I’ve thought about Fiesta wear….but then I would have to decide which colors….I’ve contemplated many patterns, brands and styles.  But, where do I find something I LOVE?  Goodwill.  Of course, there aren’t enough….so now I am on a hunt for more.  The bottom only says…Gibson….I’ve been googling, ebaying, and the like but, I can’t identify them, therefore, I can’t find more.  Any chance anyone knows the pattern or know where I can find more?

3 thoughts on “Goodwill, a blessing and a curse.”

  1. Hey Jo…can’t say that I’ve ever seen these Gibson dishes..sorry. But do want to comment about the applique bars….you know I have a set too and have NEVER EVER USED them. I keep thinking someday I will. The little applique quilt you are working on…I own. However…a friend made it for me from my Kim Diehl book. Love that quilt every time I see it…yours is no exception.

  2. I didn’t really like the table topper at first thinking the applique overwhelmed it but it is growing on me more and more…it fact I am totally attached now!

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