Goodies via the Mail

Last week I had two boxes of fun delivered.

One box was filled with 9 -yes NINE- charity quilt tops from Pam!


Another box had 5-yes FIVE-quilt tops in it from Mary.


WOW!!  They came at a perfect time.  My daughter Kalissa asked it I had a quilt to donate to a benefit coming up to help a little girl and her family.  The little girl has recently gone through a major multiple transplant.  There is a benefit for the family coming up soon.  I am hoping to get one of these tops on the frame and finished in time.  There are so many beautiful quilt tops that it is truly hard to choose which one to finish first.  THANKS ladies…

I’ll be working on these quilt tops as time allows.  I sure am thankful for all the generous quilters there are.  Keep up the good work!!

3 thoughts on “Goodies via the Mail”

  1. Nancy Angerer

    Thank you so much for doing all that you do for charity. I am so glad I know you (through your blog).

  2. THANK YOU JO for comming to our rescue by volunteering to quilt our extra tops for chairty. thanks to your generous offer i was able to empty several dresser drawers and find a new home for some quilt tops made several years ago in the hopes that i would somehow find a quilter for them. You’re the silver lining in my life, enabling me to express my creativity by making quilts.

    I’ll probably have more charity tops for you next year, but meanwhile just put the tops aside and take this time to enjoy your son’s wedding and all that goes with it.

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