Goodies in the Mail

I’ve got some goodies to show off that have come my way.  We have such a generous group of blog readers.  When I mentioned that a certain girl I know might need some more sewing supplies.  Volunteers came in droves.  I ended up telling lots of people that although their offer was appreciated, we had plenty of volunteers.

I am splitting this up into two posts as so many things came in.  I had done a pretty good job on tracking of who sent what and then Kelli came and looked through it (she was impressed) and some things got mixed up.  I tried to put it all back in order but couldn’t remember exactly who gave what.  Now I’m afraid that some of the donations and names might be mixed up….if they are please forgive me.

These first things were from Anne and Shirley…Wow.  Check out all the goodies….

Fabric for pillow cases….great colors and prints.

Coordinating charm packs:  I made a project with the scrumptious line.  I loved that fabric!  The Marmalade with coordinate with the Scrumptious perfectly.

Check out these two charm packs.  I love V&Co.  All of these are perfect colors.

There were added goodies…stickers and notepads for the childcare kids and even something for me…Batik fabrics.  LOVE!  I pulled the smiley stickers as I have a project for the kiddos to make for their moms using them.

These 5″ squares came from Kayla. They are all cut from vintage sheets.  I bet they’ll make a cute quilt.

This next bunch of goodies came from someone in Oak Harbor, WA and from Robin in IL.  Check it out.

Fun fabric bundles…charm squares.  Things I know will be loved.

There were some Christmas charm packs in the bunch.

There were sewing supplies too.  I think we’ll put one set together for her to have at home and save any extras or duplicates for the next kiddo that comes my way that wants to sew.  I seem to attract them.

What a fun bunch of goodies….there are so many nice and useful things.  Thanks to all of you who offered to help and thanks to those who did.

For now these are going in a box and I’ll divvy them out as needed.  I think that’s the best way for them to be used….If one project gets finished then I’ll send more.

10 thoughts on “Goodies in the Mail”

  1. What a great bunch of stuff. The person from Oak Harbor. Email me if you would like a quilty email friend. I live in Freeland. I really enjoy your blog, Jo. Even the things that are non quilting related.

    Diane in WA

  2. Jo, could you check to see if there is a name on the red fat quarters right above the black and white kitten fabric? I am helping my niece piece together some blocks she embroidered when she was small. I want to include ad many reds as I can to frame the red work pieces. They look like they would work and if it is a fairly current fabric maybe I can find it online. Thanks!

  3. Betty from Canada

    That sure was nice of everyone who donated stuff. Could you please do a blog on how you de-bone shirts. I am new at this and it seems to take forever to get a shirt de-boned. I think you have probably got a system down a science. Thanks.

  4. am getting that kit together we emailed about. have very sick husband at the moment. will get it to you ASAP. what a fun bunch of things for neighbor girl to work with, can’t wait to see what she does with it.

  5. Betty from Canada

    +I just watched the video of Bonnie Hunter that you recommended about de-boning shirts.It was excellent. Thanks.

  6. I’m so happy to see so many people gave such lovely fabric and sewing items for Neighbor Girl. She will have inspiration for a long time to come. A good idea you are divvying them out as I am sure you will help give her marvelous guidance as to how best to use them and she will be learning as she goes.

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