Goodies in My Mail…

I have got to have the happiest mailbox known to Waucoma, Iowa.  I am always getting goodies….These came before my surgery.  I’ve just been slow to tell you about them.

These came from Nell…(the one and only Janelle from Nebraska)  There were LOTS of books and little note pads in the box too but the kiddos snagged them and were off in no time at all.  The notebooks were a huge hit.  They were off playing restaurant and taking orders.  It was so cute.

There were goodies for me too…fabrics, and thread and more!


The thread is going right into the thread box.  I use Maxi Lock all the time and the majority of these were just that and happily in colors I was running out of.  I love a deep charcoal and I use it often.

Check out the fabrics…all fun.  All will be used in one way or another….Did you notice the little fox fabric?Another blog reader had gifted me some fabrics not long ago and these exact prints were part of it.


Now these are joining those and someday will be a quilt.  I think the little foxes are the cutest.

Thanks so much for thinking of me’re the coolest.  Can’t wait to see in about a year from now!

Other goodies came in my mail too.

A wonderful anniversary card from Kelli’s in-laws Renee and Jeff.  Renee is always super thoughtful.


Another box came with fabric.  At first I was confused as it said from Connecting Theads on the box.  I knew that I hadn’t ordered anything from Connecting Threads.  Then I opened the box.  There was fabric and it was indeed from Connecting Threads.  Then I looked at the invoice.  It was from     but to be shipped to Jo Kramer.  Well that’s me so I’m guessing that this is gifted fabric for charity quilt backings.  What an AMAZING gift!!


There are EIGHT yards of each!  WOW.  It’s wide backing fabric so several quilts can be done with this.  The colors are good and can be used on many different quilts.  I was really happy to see this.  I have to say, piecing backing for quilts is one of my least favorite jobs so this is an extra blessing.  THANKS so much to Martha in Oklahoma. Your gift is very appreciated.

It’s hard to top gifts like these.

You can see why I say have the happiest mailbox known to Waucoma, Iowa.

8 thoughts on “Goodies in My Mail…”

  1. Wish I had known you used the Maxi Lock. My longarm does NOT like it and I spend way too much time messing with it even on my Bernina. So about a week ago, I threw 23 cones away!

  2. Joe you are more than welcome for the fabric. I am glad you got it. Use it on anything you want. I really appreciate all you do for others and letting me share in your family and child care life. You are a blessing to many! Praying for a great recovery. Martha

  3. I see the charm pack with hearts. I had that one and made a baby quilt for my first granddaughter from it. Used a chocolate brown marble print for sashing and it turned out really cute. Have fun with your goodies and hope the healing is going well.

  4. Had to laugh at myself when I seen the Fox fabric, I was thinking Jo had gotten my package with the Fox etc fabrics already, then realized duh someone else made the same quilt I did.

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