Goodies from My Mailbox

Over the last couple weeks goodies galore have landed in my mailbox.  Seriously…lots of goodies.

I told you earlier this week about the awesome Quilt of Valor things that blog readers sent here.  There are more goodies that came my way though.

Remember I said that I was on the look out for Woodkins for my childcare kids.  You can read the original post about Woodkins here.  Anyway…you can read the note from S in Syracuse.


Well I am so pleased that I will now be the keeper of the Woodkins girl.  So fun.  This will really help the kids to not squabble.

Next up I recieved a really nice quilt top from Dori.  She read the about a charity quilt that went to Share House in ND.  She was hoping I might be able to finish this quilt top and see if it could also get sent to Share House.  Well that sounds like a good plan to me.  Hopefully Lori L who bound the last quilt for Share House will be willing to bind this too.


I pulled the top out and looked at it.  It’s really pretty.  You all will have to wait until I’m quilting it to get a peak.

Next up I got these fun embroidered quilt blocks from Marilyn in NC.  They are so cute.  Eventually I hope to cut them apart and get a quilt made with them.  I love embroidered blocks.  I am curious is anyone has any suggestions for laying a quilt our when there are five different blocks and there are five of each one.


I love the little Indian boys.  See?


I got an email for Ellie asking if I might be interested in a “story quilt” book.  Hmmm…that sounded interesting.  She sent the Play Quilt book to me along with other goodies.  The book looks fun and it’s one of those things that I’d love to get to.    I am always nervous about spending lots of time working on a play thing for kids and then getting disappointed that they don’t play with it.


Maybe one day I’ll get brave enough to try.  Already I have very much enjoyed paging through the book and seeing all the fun patterns.

From Cheryl in Texas I, or rather the childcare kiddos, got a whole bunch of stickers….ABC stickers galore.  They are going to love these!!  I’m holding some back for when we do projects.  They are going to make MANY fun activities.


WOW…that was a busy mailbox again!!  I can’t believe all the fun things that make their way there.  Thanks so much everyone.  Your kindness and generosity is appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Goodies from My Mailbox”

  1. Jo, I wouldn’t cut those embroidered squares apart, because there wouldn’t be anything left for a seam allowance. I would leave it as a panel, doing more embroidery in between each square to differentiate them. Or hand sew a narrow ribbon between them.
    Encouraging young things to grow, as you are at this time, is a wonderful gift. In a year they will be moving around and so busy at their activities it will be hard to remember these quiet times.
    People are more important than things, as you know.

  2. You could cut the squares apart, and applique them on a larger piece of fabric. Maybe make each one the center of a nine-patch block. If you think the embroidery is not very stable, you might use fusible interfacing to attach the squares to a larger piece of fabric.

  3. How wonderful of Dori to make a quilt top for Share House in ND. And how great of Jo to quilt it. I’m anxious to bind it and get it sent off to them. Many thanks!

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