Goodies from my Kiddos

We don’t really do presents around here…It’s not that we don’t love each other and care about each other, it’s just a hassle.  No Mother’s Day…No birthday…no Christmas really either.  For some people, they would gasp and think we’re crazy but honestly, we all love it.  We love not having the pressure of HAVING to buy something because the calendar dictates that we should.  Trust me, come January when we aren’t looking at a credit card debt, we especially love it.

Instead we buy things when we find them…something here or there often thrifted.  These are my favorite gifts ever.  The calendar didn’t tell anyone to buy it…it was completely by choice.

One of the last times Kayla was home she brought me this… It’s an old fashion wooden stitching basket.  I had been keeping an eye open for one.

I need to shine it up with some scratch remover and give it a good dose of orange oil but it will be wonderful.  It was a $3 find and that made me happy too.  I love when the kids find something that I like AND didn’t gouge into their money to get it.

The inside is really nice too.


A few days after Kayla brought me that, Kalissa brought me this.  She was thrifting at our favorite store and saw this.

I had trouble getting a picture as the glass reflected.  This is a piece that was done with quilling.  I did some years ago as a teenager and loved doing it.  This picture is so pretty.  It will go in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

It too is something I would have bought had I been thrifting.

Both of these gifts from the kids means so much more to me than anything they could have store bought for me….anything that would have cost a hundred times more.  These little make my heart happy…I love “just because” gifts.

7 thoughts on “Goodies from my Kiddos”

  1. I have a sewing basket just like the one you have. It was my grandmother’s. I also had a larger one that has a stand on each end that was made by my husband’s great grandfather. Our oldest son and his wife have it in their living room now. I’m like you, I prefer homemade gifts or things that are special.

  2. If we adopted this gift giving plan. I’d never get another gift. My husband would think it was the best plan ever.

  3. We do the same thing around here. No more “Have to Holidays” and way more “I love you just because Days”. I found a new 2015 quilting calendar so went ahead and gave it to a friend. Gave her a stitched sampler she was thinking of stitching. Found a pattern for a dog collar and gave it to her and her new dog. Found some wool yarn and gave the set to a knitting friend. Lots of things just because.

    It is more fun and I think more appreciated because they can recognize the thought and it is not lost in the holiday rush to try and please everyone.

  4. My husband and I don’t exchange gifts either. I do buy for the grandkids and our kids but that is usually money for our kids and the older grandkids.

    I also have a sewing basket like that. It belonged to my grandmother and it still has the stuff she had stored in it. I always enjoy your Blog!

  5. I found gift-giving so stressful, also. It’s taken awhile, but I’ve convinced my friends that I would rather not exchange gifts anymore. I told them that if they think they need to get me something, then I prefer that they donate that money to a charity.

  6. This is so nice, I love shopping thrift stores too. The biscuit quilt I have seen, and really liked it, but was too pricey for me to purchase. I am now quilting, so do hope to try to make one. We live in Virginia and Florida in the winter, we are seniors and retired. Our second marriage as we were both widowed, our 4th anniversary will be October 30, 2014. My husband is in the hospital, his toes on the right foot were amputated in 2012. He had a bone infection, just got out of surgery, and doing well. I alsodo some decorative painting and I would sand and have to paint your sewing box,lol. Like your blog, Cece

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