Goodies from Laurie

I got a box in the mail a few weeks ago from Laurie in Ohio.

It was an awesome goodie box filled with lots of things for the childcare kiddos.  The kids saw me open the box and wondered what the “rainbow sticks” were.  I pulled them out and showed them.  Immediately they wanted to play them so outdoors we went.


The sticks are fun.  They are a dowel stick with an eye bolt and piece of fishing equipment on them, then a ribbon is added.  The kids loved them.  In the past I’ve had some but mine, of course, weren’t rainbow colored so weren’t nearly as fun.

I peaked in the rest of the box but then I set aside and knew I didn’t want to announce all the goodies to the kids at once.  Slowly I’ve been revealing the contents to them.  They love getting new surprises every day and it makes the getting of them all the more appreciated.

Here’s what else was in the box.Mail-6

Two kid’s aprons.  They have been added to the kitchen area.  A Woodkins doll is here.  I am so excited.  Now there are enough if all the kids want to play at the same time.  There are awesome Fisher-Price animals.  Each has a letter of the alphabet.  My two year olds are all learning the first letter of their name and each other’s letters too.  We have been sorting through them and finding the animal with their letter.  They enjoy it.  The older kids have been putting them in alphabetical order.  I’ve worked to keep them out of the box of other Fisher-Price things and so far, it’s been a success.

Then there’s fabric.  This is Barbie fabric….I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen with that yet.

The kids loved the goodie box.  It was great for me too.  Anything that keeps them busy and learning is always good.  The Fisher Price animals have been out for a few days.  The animals have letters on them.  The older kids were putting them in alphebetical order and the younger kids were busy finding the animal with their letter.  Two little girls were sad.  Their names start with “E” and “L”…it happens that both of their letters were missing in the lot.  The kids played with them so much that I’ve decided to work on hunting those two animals down.


Thanks so much for thinking of us Laurie.  We’ve had the best time with all of the wonderful things you gifted us.

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  1. I just looked on ebay and found several of the sets of the Fisher Price animals. They were $4.00 or $5.00 with free shipping today! Thought you might be interested!

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