Goodies From Kayla

When I saw Kayla over the weekend, she gave me a box of things she put together when she was moving.  She didn’t want the things anymore and thought I might like them.  Well I do!
The Atkinson design book has kept me busy.  The apron pattern has me looking at fabric in a different way, the fabric….well that went in my stash, the bag book..WOW!

But my favorite is hands down, the hand knit dish cloth.  I am so CRAZY about hand knit dish cloths and Kayla knows it.  Occasionally she passes a dishcloth on to me.  Kayla posts lots of free knitting patterns over on her blog, Kayla K’s Thrifty Ways.  If you are CRAZY about knitted dish cloths like I am, you will no doubt love her latest addition….The Double Flip Brick.

Sometimes, I wish I could knit so I could knit my own dishcloths and goodies….other times, I am so glad I can’t because then I would have to give up my quilting time.  I think I have the best of both worlds….I can sew, and I have a daughter that I can bride to knit… the slippers she gifted me…winter doesn’t look so bad when I have them!

So…THANKS Kayla!

4 thoughts on “Goodies From Kayla”

  1. Nice goodies from your daughter. I am blessed to have a daughter who is always on the lookout at garage sales for quilty things for her mama. Have fun with your goodies. Winona

  2. What a fun surprise! We’ll be expecting lots of exciting new things on your blog now! Great slippers…!!! I’m guessing that one day soon, you’ll find some knitting needles and manage to catch the bug! Enjoy!

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