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Some of you might remember Julie.  She is a community helper in the Spring Valley, Minnesota area.  She makes lots of pillowcases, quilts, placemats for Meals on Wheels recipients, and other things.  People in the area know Julie is handy with a sewing machine and call on her when there is a need and Julie helps.  I love people like that!!

Julie writes:
This was a fun project! Our Fillmore County deputies are hosting a shop with a cop day so the kids can get a couple of school outfits, school supplies, and basic necessities. The sheriffs said we would be amazed how many kids don’t have a bed and are lucky if they have a mattress tossed on the floor so they’re getting basics like toiletries, a new bath towel and washcloth, and a new pillow with a fun pillowcase.

I was asked if I could make some fun bright pillowcases for the kids!

I also found a church group that I’ve passed on any fabric you or your blog readers have sent me. They make quilts for the Ronald McDonald house so that all the kid’s tour patients can take Quilts home when they are better and get to leave Rochester. They were super excited to get some of the toppers that I passed on to them.

Julie also shared pictures of two quilt tops that were sent her way…Julie has a couple of friends that help out with the longarming.

Here are some close-up pictures.

This is from the other quilt

I’ve learned through my experiences with charity work that if you open yourself up, more and more people and products come your way.  Julie is a fine example of that happening.  She gets more than she can use and then she finds more connections to pass things to.  In every group, there needs to be a point person and Julie is a great point person.

Thanks so much for your work Julie…these are some great finishes!!  Many thanks go to the people who sent the goodies to me so I could pass them to Julie.  This charity work can’t happen without you.

P.S.  I will be stopping with goodies for Julie in mid September.  Feel free to send any fabric that would be appropriate for her my way and I’ll drop it off.

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