Goodies from Connie

I got goodies from Connie in the mail.

Connie must have been out shopping and remembered that I had asked about and mentioned safety pin grip covers…because that’s exactly what she sent me.  Once I saw them I almost ran to the quilting room.  I have a big stitch hand quilting project that I would like to use them on.  I would really like to get back to it and these are perfect for it but promised myself until I get the sewing room completely cleaned and organized I can’t touch them.

Sometimes I have to hold something over my head in order to get myself to finish what I need to finish!!  These safety pin grip covers are the bribery I am using on myself.


Connie also sent the WONDERFUL Little People that I love…and the kids love.  They were so happy to get them.  Connie sent a note with instructions that the toys needed to be washed.  I’ve learned that the dishwasher is awesome for this task so I threw them in and after nap time, they were ready and the kiddos were so excited.  Ever day since they came the kids have been playing Little People.  I am extra excited because two of the littler ones have caught on and they are playing too!!  It’s so fun to see them start imaginative play.

The new goodies were just what the kids needed…what I needed too.  There is no more fighting about who can be the farmer and who can be the cow because now we have multiples.  I love it and didn’t even realize how much I needed them until they came.

Thanks from me and the kids Connie.  We love it all..and yes, we are getting together soon “best friend”!  Kelli’s checking her calendar!!

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