Goodies for Me….

I’ve had a couple fun things in the mail over the last month or so.

Ila sent me scraps and scraps and scraps.

I didn’t completely sort through them all.  Right now I organize my brights by color-not size.  Once we get to the new house and I’m settled in the sewing room I am going to resort by size.  That’s how I do it with my reproduction and dark fabrics-by size.  I like that and use the scraps often.  With the brighter fabrics, I find myself not using them as much.  I think changing the way I sort them will help.

I did go through and pull out some pieces though. There were some pinks that will find their way into the mystery quilt.  They are perfect.  I think I will pull some of the neutral scraps too.

The triangles will be going into my Pineapple Crazy quilt.  I really want to get back to that once we get settled too.

The other goodies that came my way were a stack of half square triangles.

These are from Jean.  She, like Ila, have gifted me some really awesome things.

I’m not sure what yet..but these gems are going to find their way into a project….likely not today or tomorrow but in times to come.

Thanks to all Jean and Ila and all who have gifted me things.  I feel so blessed to have so many good people near and far in my life.

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