Goodies for Me!!

I’ve gotten some goodies lately…

Ila’s husband was over this way a bit ago.  She sent along some goodies.  Ila’s been doing a kitchen remodel and is moving some things out…she sent some goodies my way.


I am completely in love with the big cookie jar canisters.  Ila said she got them as a wedding present and held her flour and sugar.

I’m adjusting and arranging to find the perfect place for them.  Right now, I put them in the sewing room and am going to use them to house the little pieces I am saving to make Wild and Goosey blocks.  I have a few of them made but haven’t officially started making that quilt but I am officially collecting for that quilt.


Aren’t they awesome?  I’m curious to try out the microwave popcorn container too.  Ila sent food goodies too….Those were either opened or I stashed them away in the cupboard before too many things were opened.  I have some people here who would do that (Hubby).

Ila also sent me an Amazon gift card.  It was so sweet and so appreciated.  I order Crazy Mom Quilts new book No Scrap Left Behind: 16 Quilt Projects That Celebrate Scraps of All Sizes. It has been loved on while I’ve been sitting with my foot up.  I’ll do a review on it coming up soon.


I got a box from Mary Ann too.  Mary Ann was cleaning goodies out of her parents home.This was all cross stitch things…so much fun to looks through and check out.


Mary Ann was so sweet to think of me.  I didn’t sort through everything right away.  I knew I’d have to have my foot up once I had surgery so this week I finally got to it.  What fun!

I also got a quilt top in from Jill in Lakeside, CA she writes, “This was in my Mom’s stuff when she passed away.  I have several quilts from her and know I will never get to this.  Hope you can use this in your charities.”

I can’t wait to get to this one…I love the colors already.

Thanks ladies for thinking of me….It’s always fun to get goodies.

7 thoughts on “Goodies for Me!!”

  1. Mary Ann Harpe

    Now that is only a very small part of the thread. I will be going back this summer- need more? Mary Ann

  2. I have this butter dish and love it. It will hold 2 sticks. I use it upside down and put the butter in the cover, that way there is never any mess.

  3. I think those glass jars are super cute but my favorite is the rectangle butter dish, love it. I hope you show us the quit top unfolded :) you get the best mail.

  4. That is some happy mail, for sure, Jo!
    I have one of those cookie jars full of spools of thread! I love it because I can see all the colors…looks great sitting in my sewing room!!

  5. You will love the popcorn maker. No oil in the bottom and if it’s like mine you put a couple T. butter in the top. Enjoy.

  6. Totally going to use that line. . .”officially collecting for the quilt” HA! My husband just said, “You are just lying to yourself.” My oldest said “It still means started.” What a bunch of fun haters. . . :)

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