Goodies for Hedy

I’ve said this before and it’s so true.  My mailbox is a fun place.  Sure I get the occasional bill now and then but I also get packages with wonderful goodies.  This one came from Hedy.

Hedy has been a long time blog reader and she comments all the time.  I was so happy to get to meet her during the retreat.  She joined us at the West Union location.  I loved getting a chance to chat with her and learn a little about her life.  I have to say, meeting blog readers and hearing a bit about them is something I really enjoy.  All you reading the blog know so much about me but I know so little about any of you.  When I can at least put a name with a face, I at least feel a little better.

Anyway Hedy sent goodies for the kids….


and goodies for me.


I’ve taken the pattern to bed and have been reading them before bed.  I used to do that all the time but have gotten out of the habit.  Right now one of my little ones just discovered American Girl dolls.  A catalog came in the mail and she’s in love.   She paged and paged through it.  I didn’t dare give her a pen and tell her to circle her favorites.  She’d have circled them all!!

I am going to see what Santa is planning on bringing her.  If it’s a doll, maybe I’ll finally have someone to sew for!  The All Dolled Up book is really making me contemplate just what I could sew.

I did order the new American Girl book and am hoping to start reading them to her when she gets off the bus each day….I hope she’ll be half as excited as I am.  If she isn’t, we’ll wait a year and maybe she’ll be ready for them then.

Anyway…thanks Hedy.  The kids and both have been having great fun with your gift.  We appreciate your thoughtfulness..and I hope we get to see each other again.

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  1. if you want to make clothes for the AG dolls, there are many patterns on the web and lots of free ones in Pixie Faire. AG dolls are a chubby 18 inch doll and the fit from the regular patterns don:t fit just right

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