Goodies Came My Way…

I have been terrible about keeping up with goodies that have come my way lately. Thanksgiving fell into the mix and some things that were here got “put away” by someone other than me and now…I don’t know where they are. My sincere apologies because I straight up know that I missed sharing some things that were sent my way. I ended up going through my camera roll and this is what I came up with…as I said, I know I missed out on a lot.

First off I have gotten many cards and notes from blog readers. Many are Christmas cards with a lovely personal message. I so appreciate those. Some are also cards with wonderful words of cheer and hope that have really touched me. It feels so good to know that you are behind as I move forward in the next step of my cancer journey. Annie even found a goat Christmas card to send. Precious! I appreciated it and your gift. Thanks Annie. I appreciate everything that has been done for me. You guys are the best.

Ila has been busy on fairy godmother duty. I swear she treats me so good. She sent me a case of English muffins in a variety pack. Last week I had the ones with cranberries….YUM. She also sent me a box of Charles and David pears. They are SO GOOD! As of my writing this, I have had three…I’m sure by the time this is published, they will all be gone. I’ve been having one every morning with an English muffin trying to make them last. THANKS, Ila!! (Have you ever seen such HUGE pears???)

Gloria in CC who often comments here actually lives about 45 minutes from my house to the west. She and her husband are wonderful. I was over and visited one day. She sent me home with punch needle patterns. She is an excellent punch needler and has done so many great projects. I keep telling her she needs to give me a refresher course. I’d love to punch needle again.

Gloria also gave me two wonderful African Violet pots. When I repot mine next, I’ll be putting a plan in them. They aren’t quite ready to repot yet. Gloria and I share a love of quilts, antiques, and anything old. She is a master decorator. I just love her home. Her husband Gaylen is a gem too. He treated me to some amazing mandarin orange cake. He shared the recipe and I hope to make it soon and share the recipe with you.

I have had two blog readers gift me a bunch of cross-stitch patterns recently. This came from one and I can’t find the picture of the others. UGH. It was so fun to go through them. Kelli was happy about them as well.

These two are my favorite of the bunch. The Summer at Hollyberry Farm is one I’ve admired for a long time. You might remember me saying that I am kind of looking for my next fill-in project. That house looks huge and might make a great fill-in project. We’ll see.

What really made me squeal was this book. It’s a Blackbird Designs book. I’ve been wanting to start collecting them but haven’t. I am starting to get the itch to try something in applique again. I don’t know if or when it will ever happen but I can at this point, I’m thinking about it. Not seriously thinking about it…but thinking about it. This book was some wonderful eye candy that had me thinking.

Speaking of Blackbird Designs and me not getting a picture of the batch of cross-stitch goodies that were sent my way I do know that these two patterns were in the bunch. I’ve had them pulled and by my nightstand ever since they came. I do that. I put patterns on my nightstand and “read” them before bed. I study on them and try to figure out when I can squeeze them in and stitch them.

The blog reader who sent these said she was at the church sale and they were there. Oh, she snagged some really good ones for me. THANKS SO MUCH to the readers who have sent cross-stitch goodies. It’s been so fun going through them…and they are Blackbird Designs…my favorite.

I got a bag in the mail from Deborah Harry. I’ve told you all before that I sent linens Deborah’s way when I find some good ones. Deborah is so sweet. She made and gifted me this bag as a thank-you for finding linens for her. I was blown away. Deborah makes such wonderful project bags. I just love them. She wraps them up so beautifully too.

This bag is perfect for me the “Iowa Girl”.

Deborah recently had a sale and I would have bought this bag if I had been home when the sale went live. I found this little Holly Hobby cross stitch piece at the thrift store and sent it to Deborah.

Her bags are top-notch and very professionally made. All the seams are finished in a way that you see zero frayed edges. Just beautiful!! If you would like to see more, check out her Facebook Page HERE. She announces sales there. When the sales for live, you have to have a quick finger because they get snatched up in seconds!!

This box came as well. This blog reader sent lots of goodies including two quilt tops that I will finish and use for the fundraiser auction for HEART Animal Rescue next year. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Those were the only pictures in my camera roll. Oh, I know I am missing some. That is a zero reflection of my appreciation. It only has to do with juggling too many balls at the same time. Sadly, I’m not the best juggler so sometimes, something falls to the wayside when the house gets busy.

Many thanks to everyone who has sent goodies my way. I so appreciate the cards of encouragement. It reminds me that I need to keep moving forward and tackle this cancer…and the goodies help me keep my mind on something else. Distraction is a blessing!! Thanks everyone!

3 thoughts on “Goodies Came My Way…”

  1. Thanks for letting us see all the wonderful goodies you have received. I am sure you will have fun choosing which cross stitch pattern to do from the big collection. Then project bags are so cute.

  2. I have that Iowa cross stitch in a frame in my spare bedroom. I got it at the Habitat for Humanity Restore in St. Charles, MO. I think I paid $1 for it. That is too funny that you have it now.
    I was going to ask you about Deborah. I couldn’t remember her name. I have a couple linens I would like to send her.
    Have a blessed Christmas.

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