Goodbye Old Friend

What a hard weekend.  I’m so thankful there wasn’t a bunch of things I really needed to be at and could just hang with Ruby.  I let the kids all know that Ruby wasn’t well.  After working the day shift on Saturday, Kalissa stopped by to see her with Carver.  We talked with Carver and told him Ruby was really sick.

It was Kalissa’s turn to nurse on her and tell her goodbye.  I had hoped Kalissa and Kelli might see her before I had to put her to sleep.  Both of them were close to Ruby.  You can see in the picture above that Ruby wasn’t herself.  What you can’t see is the constant shaking she was doing.

Sunday was a tough day.  I tried to be hopeful that Ruby would respond to the meds but she really didn’t.  She, for the most part, quit eating and drinking.  The medicine was supposed to make her super thirsty.  She drank way less only taking a couple laps of water.  I figured her body was starting to shut down.

She would only lay unless she absolutely had to go to the bathroom.  Her kennel became her favorite spot.  I think she thought it was safe.  Poor girl.

I loved on her all I could.  I watched hoping I’d see a change….hoping the old spark would come back.  It didn’t.  Kelli came over.  She too could see our old Ruby girl needed us to make the hard decision.I spent most of Saturday and Sunday sitting at the kennel.  I sat there until my back hurt…until my legs went to sleep.  Ruby has been so good to me.  After Kramer passed away she was especially good.  She just seemed to know when I needed some attention.  Oh man.  How hard to let her go.

The two times I took her outside on Sunday, it was a big ordeal.  Then once we got back in, it took her a long time to settle down again.  She would pant and pant.  I don’t know if she was in pain or the excursion of the work of getting outside was too much for her.  She shivered and shivered too-  I imagine she was running a temp.

I messaged our vet and told her nothing had changed. I told her that I had made the decision and couldn’t watch her like this anymore.  Ruby had to be carried and then when I did, she would yelp.  I couldn’t help her anymore than to say yes to the vet and I did.  The vet messaged back that if I wanted, we wouldn’t have to wait until Monday.  She would come in and we could meet at the vet office soon….I messaged the kids and told them.

Kelli was here so we loaded up Georgia.  I held Ruby all the way to the vet office and Kelli drove.

My girl is gone.  We put her to sleep yesterday afternoon.

Kelli and I loved on her all we could and told her that if heaven is like it should be, she’d be going there and she best go find Kramer.

Through tear filled eyes we talked to the vet about what she thought about Ruby…she wondered if Ruby had something bigger going on.  With all of the past problems Ruby has had, she wondered if there was something bigger underlying it all.  She assured us before we put her to sleep that we had done all we could.  The tests were all done- the reasonable options were looked at.  She told us if Ruby was her dog, this is the choice she would have made too.  That made us feel better.

I’m sad…really sad…but I know Ruby wouldn’t want me to be alone.  Ruby was my constant companion and was always so attentive to where I was in the house.  Being we were there, in between crying sniffles, I talked to the vet about another dog.  I asked what she recommended as far as a puppy or older dog in my situation.  Being I operate an in home childcare she said I should be on the look for a puppy.  She thought it best a puppy grow up around children and with many families coming in and out my door so they were used to it.

We asked if she knew of anyone with beagles…she didn’t.  I’ll alway have Ruby in my heart…but I know I’ll want another dog.  The house will be too lonely without a dog.

Oh Rubers…we have so loved you.  You are leaving a hole in my heart…never will there be another dog who was a “regal beagle” like you.  The beagle brigade will miss you.  You were such a giving dog, a real friend, now the other side of the bed will be empty again.  You will be so missed…I told you a million times over the weekend that I loved you and that I so appreciated all you gave to me…I really do.  You did an amazing job getting me through this hard, hard year.  Goodbye old friend-may we meet again.

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  1. lorraine bujnowski

    My heart aches for you and your family. My son had to put his lab of almost 16 yrs. to sleep last week. Tears for Sadie and Ruby… Our pets are truly members of our families. I hope you can find a new dog soon. I would recommend a Labrador as they love children…

  2. Oh Jo, my heart goes out to you. This situation is one of the hardest things a pet parent has to do. Please know that you did exactly what was right for Ruby. I’m just sure Ruby and Kramer are together again in Heaven. I send you hugs.

  3. Oh Jo, I am so sorry for your grief and loss of your sweet Ruby. I am always amazed at how deeply our furry companions embed themselves into our hearts! Such companions are truly heaven sent. I hope with all your internet friends on the lookout, a beagle pup will soon find her forever home in your loving household.

  4. Jo, I was so sorry to hear you had to let Ruby go. It’s such a tough decision to make, but somehow you know when that time has come. I’m praying you find comfort in knowing that you gave her a wonderful life in a very loving home and that she will now be keeping Kramer company. Much love and big hugs.

  5. I found out about your blog over on Country Threads Chicken Scratch. I am crying now because I know how hard it is to lose a dog that’s been your companion. I still miss my lab, Bonnie. She was such a sweet dog. It’s best to get a puppy as soon as you can after losing a pet. It doesn’t replace it, but a puppy sure brings smiles. You might try a lab. They are a sweet dog and get along with everyone.

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