Goodbye Hall Tree

Hubby has been on a roll with getting projects done around here and I couldn’t be happier.  Earlier this week I told you that the microwave cabinet got finished and I showed you this picture.

This is my house if I am in the kitchen and looking towards the door that goes into the garage.  You can see on the left we have a hall tree coat hanger.  Hubby and I hang our coats on it.  The childcare kids hang their coats on the wall the door is on.


In early summer Hubby went to an auction without me and came home with a wall mount coat hanger.  He apologized that he spent $27.50 for it.  He thought it was too much.  He originally thought we could put it in the bathroom and we’d have a spot for the childcare kids to hang their individual towels.  Well that didn’t work out.  The space wasn’t right in the bathroom.

While he was walking out of the bathroom he explained that he would refinish it and sell it.  Then he looked up and saw the hall tree…next thing I knew he was taking the coat rack and putting it against the wall.  Then he asked what I thought….um, YES!!

So goodbye to this ugly hall tree…hall-tree-1

And hello to the new coat rack!!  I’m loving it….Do you?hall-tree-2

It has the upper part that in it’s day, held men’s hats.

The piece originally had quite a bit of paint flecks on it and the ends had lots of paint.  It wasn’t hard to refinish.  More time was spent waiting for things to dry than anything else.

The space is really more open now.  We both really like it a lot.


We are now on the look out for some type of way to “clean up” the dog kennel.  Ruby doesn’t “need” a kennel but she still really likes it.  She goes in there and sleeps on a regular basis and it’s completely unprovoked.  We haven’t kenneled her for over a year and she’s just fine.  It’s all a bit of an eye sore though.

I’m so the last two weeks or so Hubby has gotten THREE house projects done that all really make my life easier and the house much better looking.  I don’t have a clue what he’s planning on working on next.  I think he’ll be sorting out some small things for me to take to the retreat.

I don’t always like when he goes to auctions as I never know what he’s bringing back home.  In this case, it was a win!!

13 thoughts on “Goodbye Hall Tree”

  1. When we lived in Iowa around Estherville we had a hall tree
    and maybe ten years later we found a hat-coat hanger like yours…
    still have it… You have a good husband Jo…❤️You remind
    me of Tom and me…live in Le Sueur Mn now stop by if around
    the area…will show you my quilts.

  2. Have hubby make a bench that covers the top of the kennel and corners would been legs. There are several designs that I have seen on Pinterest.
    The coat rack idea was very good idea. I too like it better than coat tree. I have had one that fell over with weight of coats

  3. I saw a kennel in a magazine awile back that doubled as an ottoman. Nice upolstered top. I have been thinking about something like it for our living room. Dual purpose since the room isn’t real big.

  4. I love, love, love your Bohemian Rhapsody quilt in the BHG’s Quilts and More. I have lots of large prints; but I would love to know the name of the beautiful turquoise fabric featured in the quilt. Thanksgivings

  5. Yes dog “kennel” area under a bench under where the coats hang. Great place to sit while putting shoes on etc. Search dog kennel bench or furniture. So many great ideas!

  6. Looks great Jo! Plus it holds more coats than a hall tree. We use to have one that toppled over if the coats weren’t balanced!

  7. Can that trunk you bought but didn’t need be fashioned into a kennel? Would Ruby go in a place that was like a tunnel where she couldn’t see what was going on around her? You have some great ideas offered here. I don’t have a pet but can appreciate the love that you have for your fur baby.

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