Good will Karma

Last week I had my tax appointment and it all turned out great.  We paid in too much.  What a blessing.  I pay estimates so it’s always a crap shoot on guessing how much I should be paying in.

I got done with my appointment in record time.  Kalissa was finishing out my childcare day by watching the kids so I decided to take advantage and go get groceries so I didn’t have to do that over the weekend…and sneak in a stop at the thrift shop.

We have something in our family we call “Goodwill Karma”.  It’s silly but we believe that if we intentionally start looking for something while thrifting, the items will just show up.  I TOTALLY believe in it….(actually I believe it’s God lending a hand)…Whatever the case, it truly happens.

Here’s what I found….a great frame.  I have a larger cross stitch project coming up and this frame will get cut down for it…$2.

I don’t need super fancy frames…just something tasteful.
Over nap time I had been on the computer, this very day, and I saw a cute craft done with streamers for the childcare kids.  I had made a note to myself to start collecting streamers.  They always have them at the thrift store…but NEVER do they have all of the colors in one stop.

I had also been looking for a way to introduce my two year olds to another shape.  We’d been working on hearts with Valentines Day…I think stars will be up next.  I’m not sure what project we’ll do with these foam sticker stars…something though.  25 cents for these!Kelli and I had looked for yardage of plaid fabric last time we were at JoAnn’s.  We found some but didn’t buy any as we hoped we might find a sheet or something thrifting….this day I found 100% cotton shower curtain….PERFECT! I also decided to look for some cotton shirts to cut up but was only going to get shirts that were not typical.  I found two grays! This fabric will go in the box for the church quilter ladies.  Then there was a treat for me….a scrap bag for $1.50.  Check it out….
Batik scraps are in there which is what I need to make string blocks.  Thank you lady who donated.  I’m so happy to get your leftovers!!
Here’s where Karma really kicked in….  A bit ago I had seen this puzzle.  It’s a tetris activity in that the pieces all fit together on the board but you have to figure out how to put them together.  I had seen it as an ad that came up in my Facebook feed.  I looked at it and loved it.  They looked at the reviews.  They weren’t the best as it says the back board is flimsy…it was also about $15.  I decided that even though I loved it for me…I wasn’t sure my school kids would play it.  The puzzle kept coming up in advertisements as a surfed the internet.  I didn’t give in.

This day I found it at the thrift store for 25 cents.  For 25 cents…I’ll risk it.
I had stopped a the thrift store before going to Walmart and the grocery store.  On my Walmart list was to get these little jars.  I found them at the thrift store instead.  I need them for something I’m doing that I’ll tell you about soon.I couldn’t believe a whole case of them were there…just like I wanted!!

I also found a bunch of beginning reader books for my school aged kiddos.  It was a great day thrifting.  I just get thrilled when I find things I was going to buy anyway!!

I’m a true believer in what we jokingly call “Goodwill Karma”.  It’s just another way I see that my daily wants and needs are provided for.

4 thoughts on “Good will Karma”

  1. I agree about going to thrift stores with a need in mind, and finding it! It has happened to me so often. In fact, now I know that when I “feel” like going to a thrift store that there is probably something there that I need, even if I don’t know what it is yet.
    So true that God knows us, and our needs and wants, and helps us as much as we’ll follow His direction.

  2. Oh I do like this top and the fabrics can be very inexpensive it’s the number of blocks perhaps I need to draw it out to “see” how it looks with different sized blocks.

  3. Great haul Jo! I would never had thought of looking for cotton shower curtains for backing! Thanks for the idea! It looks new too!

  4. I believe in Goodwill Karma, I just never had a name for it. Often when I’m looking for something, I’ll let people know that I’m looking for it for cheap. For me, it’s putting the idea out in the universe and then it seems to get answered.

    I was looking for (another) Featherweight so I could have one to give my daughter when she goes out to her own home eventually. I was willing to pay up to $50 (I found mine at a church rummage sale for $15, so it’s not impossible) , which as you know isn’t much money for a Featherweight. I let people know — putting it out there into the universe. I stopped into thrift stores whenever possible, to see “if my machine had arrived yet.” ;)

    Wouldn’t you know, after only a few months, one came walking into the “give and take” area of our transfer station (dump)…free. :)

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