Good Intentions

I had good intentions of showing you a finished quilt today…but, the stars didn’t align and let that happen.

The quilt I was going to show you was Star Gazing.  I was happily quilting it when (UGH!!) I ran out of backing!!!  WHAT!?!  I thought I measured and measured and then cut but apparently not.  At least I’ve been machine quilting long enough to know that this isn’t the end of the world.  It’s just a time wasting set back.


This did get off the frame…and I did get it bound…but this happened.

THE WEATHER!  We’ve had lots of stormy days and Kalissa has worked evenings this week.  That means the guys have been called out to weather spot (look for tornadoes) and then called for weather clean up.   We did see a rainbow one night but the rain continued.


That means this guy and I have been hanging out lots in the evenings.


We’ve had so many rainy days I couldn’t get out to take a picture of the finished quilt.  It will have to wait for another day.  For now you’ll have to settle for this picture.  See what’s on the frame now?intentions-4

This is the graduation quilt that I realized (last night) needs to be finished for a graduation party on SUNDAY!!   A couple of my kiddos are coming home tonight for various reasons so the deadline is going to get pushed right to the limit.  The good news is I have nothing going on Sunday.  Worst case scenario, I wake up early on Sunday and finish it by the time of the party which is 4-ish on Sunday.  It’s do-able if it has to be….

and yes…it’s raining again.

13 thoughts on “Good Intentions”

  1. Beautiful jilts! The graduation quilt is sure to be a favorite! But the best picture of the morning is Carver! What a handsome happy guy he is!

  2. Of course I meant beautiful quilts! Hit the “Post Comment ” button before reading what I’d written.

  3. Stephani in N. TX

    Love Carver in the bathtub sink. I always washed my babies that way as the space was confined, they weren’t afraid of being lowered in the bathtub even with a baby tubby set inside. Best of all, for my back, the height was just right. Love Carver’s smile. He’s having fun. Great quilts, you sure do move right along.

  4. I’m sorry about your rain. Yesterday brought us about a foot of snow, and up to 30 (yes, thirty) about 20 minutes away from us. Hope this is the last hurrah.

  5. Cheryl in Dallas

    X-RATED BLOG! There’s a naked guy in your kitchen! The photo of Carver made me laugh. Is that baby ALWAYS in a good mood? He certainly looks like a cheerful fellow.

    When my niece was a tyke, I snapped her photo while she was being bathed in grandmother’s sink. Eighteen years later, that is the photo she chose to include in the photo display for her high school graduation.

    Concerning that “short backing” situation on the Star Gazing quilt. When I was undergoing chemo, I felt good enough one day to work at my longarm quilting machine. Two-thirds of the way through the project, I discovered that my backing was too short–by 36 inches. What!!!! Thus, I have a new motto:
    “Friends don’t let friends on chemo drive a longarm machine.”

  6. Our daughter lives in Des Moines and they had some crazy weather as well. Love everything you do. Please add to your future “ask Jo” column how you add backing fabric to a quilt already in the machine. I’m new to longarming. I’ve added batting by just hand stitching it together, but if there’s a way to add backing without unrolling/unpinning the whole quilt sandwich, I’d love to hear it! Thanks!

  7. A town about 100 miles from us got blitzed by a tornado the other night, so a big Thanks to your guys for helping to watch for them to be able to warn the public. Scary business! Your Carver is so darned cute, I loved washing my kids in the sink, and my grandkids. Have fun, Grandma!

  8. little Carver is so doggone cute!

    when i had to replace the kitchen sink, i bought one that has a deep basin on one side so i could give my grandbabies baths – now even the littlest is too big to get more than his feet in the sink – which is where we wash his dirty little toes when he comes in from digging in the dirt … give your baby boy a big old hug from me!

  9. That graduation quilt is so stunning! Every time I see glimpses of it, I am in awe. You do such amazing work….and on a deadline too. I am eager to see the stargazing quilt finished as well. (I live vicariously through you! LOL) I have several quilts in the works, but can only seem to get such short snippets of time to work on them. It is so much fun to see someone who knocks them out one after the other! I love seeing pictures of Carver too. He seems like such a happy little guy. He always makes me smile!

  10. It’s been raining a lot here too…about 4″ since Monday. We need about three days to get a new roof on the house and it’s just not happening. Since all the old needs to come off before the new goes on we need dry weather. At least it’s not snow!

  11. Cheryl, once when I was very sick, didn’t know who I was or where I was, I decided to pull out a quilting project and trim the backing in order to bind. I cut a nice slice in the quilt! Not only shouldn’t one not quilt on chemo, one should not quilt when one is not in their right mind!!

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