Good-Bye to the Farm House

One thing that slowed me down with all the unpacking has been that we had to finish moving the last of out things and we had to do some cleaning at the farm house that we moved out of.  Out of all the aspects of moving, I think cleaning the old place is the worst.

We loved so many things about the old farm house and as happy as we were to leave, there was a little sadness to it too.  For the most part, our kids spent most of their childhood here in this house.  Many of my former childcare kids did too.

We originally moved here in 1997.  Our youngest doesn’t really remember living anywhere else at all.  When we moved here the garage wasn’t on the house.  There was a single unattached garage instead.  From the outside, the house looks really big but inside…not so much.

There weren’t many kitchen cupboards at all.  Now I even have a drawer for my just my pan lids.  I fed our family in the kitchen…and entertained many.  The best about the kitchen, even though there were few cupboards, there was room for a full table.  We had a big antique step up cupboard along the one wall so that I had more cupboard space.

Of the things I’ll miss, high on the list in the view.  Not that the barn is beautiful or anything…I loved being able to see Hubby work walking across the yard.  I always had a sense of what he was doing.  I knew the happenings of his job.  I liked that.  Even though we never owned any part of the farm, just having the view made me feel a little closer to being a true farm wife.


This is the small living room.  Amazingly, this is the room in the house that I spent the least time in…remember I’m not a television watcher, or much of person who even sits.


This was my sewing room.  It was once a square room- before my time.  Then when indoor plumbing came they lopped a corner out and called it a bathroom.  That made the sewing room L-shaped.  When I did childcare at the house, this was the toy room.


The one thing that I so wished I could have moved was this…We had drawn and kept the kids height measurements and growth right on the kitchen wall.


I tried to figure out how to trace it and transfer it but something about re-creating it just didn’t seem right to me.  It was created there…that’s where the growing happened.  It didn’t seem right to bring it to this house because those kiddos of mine are all grown up now.

If we ever have grand-kids we’ll start a new one here.  Trust me though, the chart will be attached to a board that’s attached to the wall.

There are lots of things I won’t miss….

The four hours to mow the lawn vs the 40 minutes it will take here.
No heat in the upstairs rooms.
The house was a cold house.  Even when the temperature gauge said 68 degrees, it still felt cold in the house.
There was more farm traffic outside than there is here on my street in town.


I will say it time and time again…even though the house needed updates, there were still things I like about it.  I am so thankful that we had our time to live there.  I learned so much about Hubby’s job.  I (and the kids) got an appreciation for the work that he does that we would never have gotten if we didn’t live there.  Even though, as I said, we didn’t own the farm, our kids still grew up like farm kids knowing the value of work and the dedication it takes to being a farmer.  That for me is priceless.

I have learned that for me, I can live in Grand Meadow-Minnesota, Chester-Iowa, Lawler-Iowa, on the farm place or here at town, it doesn’t matter.  All of them were home to me simply because my Hubby was there.  I’ll follow him anywhere…

,,,and with that good-bye farm house…thanks for 17 great years.

8 thoughts on “Good-Bye to the Farm House”

  1. Oh. How I understand. I can’t wait to move but I will so miss where my kiddos grew up. There will be memories there forever! But we need to move on. How do I do that again? :-)

  2. Hi Jo! Congratulations on the final step….saying good bye and starting a new. You know you can cut out the sheet rock with the kids heights on it. Measuring the bottom of the cut and replacing it with a new piece. Taking the measurements with you. I will be doing that too this year. 23 yrs in this house with alot of memories.

  3. Take pictures of the heights in sections and then print them and put all the sections back together. That was our idea when my parents moved out of their old house. Congratulations on the new house. I have loved reading your progress.

  4. If you were able to hand copy the writing on the wall, you could translate it into either an embroidery or cross stitch project. I so enjoy your blog. I love the relationship you have with your girls and how you love your husband.

  5. The rooms look so lonely and tiny with nothing in them. A house is not a home without the people in it. Congratulations on your new home and new adventures. Looking forward to getting my book in the mail soon!

  6. Jo, you have such a wonderful way with words. I “feel” your sadness and excitement. Thank you for the journey. Looking forward to more.

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