Gold Rush 2016

We were up and and out the door early on Saturday morning.  We were headed to Gold Rush.  It’s a big antique and flea market in Rochester, MN at the fair grounds and there’s a LOT-LOT more just north of Rochester in Oronocco.  We’ve loved going in the past years but with the rain and me being on scooter we frankly didn’t know how it would go.

One of my childcare families offered to borrow us a motorized wheel chair.  We thought we use it but with the rain, we ended up not.  We didn’t want the chair wet, muddy or ruined.  At Oronocco the sales are up and down the streets out into people’s lawns.  It had rained and rained so we ended up deciding not to even try there.  We opted for the fair grounds instead.  Much of what is there is inside the fair buildings and I would get along best with my scooter and the cement.

It was drizzly and we started outside first….There are so many unique things.  Some is flea market…some craft and some antique.  Luckily I like it all….I had to snap a picture of these.  I have two guitar players in our family, Karl and Kalissa.


I loved how this pump was converted into a flower planter.


There are just row upon row upon row of things.


The gravel and the scooter didn’t mix at all….luckily before long we were inside the buildings…that went much better.

I got a HUGE laugh from the “No Shooting” sign.  Funny, right?


There are always so many things to see.


Of course I’m on the look for quilts…ALWAYS!!


This was a woven blanket or some sort.  I loved the pattern.  Had to snap a picture just in case I ever want to try to duplicate part of the pattern.


This inspired and reminded me I should have worked on rug hooking while I was laid up!!


more quilts…GoldRush-6

Isn’t this one a beauty??


I’m always on the look out for Pyrex.  I don’t collect it but our daughter Kayla does.


I had to snap a picture of the Orange Crush sign.  I LOVED Orange Crush as a kid.


Another beauty.


I know that the maker of the log cabin didn’t cut the fabric here on the straight of the grain-It really added interest to the block though…and check out that amazing crazy quilt.


What a gorgeous sewing cabinet…complete with a Singer inside.  With my scooter I couldn’t get close enough to really check it out.


Our son Karl loves typewriters so this caught my eye.


Of course no adventure is complete without finding my favorite Hoosier.


We had fun.  It was a LONG day for me.  I was completely pooped by bedtime.

It was a really cool day but I did have problems with my knee.  The one that sits on the scooter got sweaty and then sore.  I ended up buying a handkerchief at one booth so I could put it between my knee and the scooter.  That helped a lot.

We didn’t go on to Oronocco.  We heard it was a mess there.  It was said  that people were getting stuck and they had to have tractors to pull them out.  I don’t know if that was true but oh my.  If it is, I sure am glad we didn’t try to tackle that.  My scooter would have NEVER been able to do that.

I didn’t tell you what I bought…because I did buy three other things besides my handkerchief.  Stop back tomorrow…I’ll tell you then.

5 thoughts on “Gold Rush 2016”

  1. My cousins went to high school in Colorado Springs and their HS football team was nicknamed the Orange Crush, a nickname the Broncos borrowed for their defense about that time. This is back in the axel way days, I think.

  2. THx for the great pics! I used to love Grape Crush! Glad you enjoyed your day. Take care of your sore knee. Can hardly wait to see what you bought!!

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