Going to the Dogs

Tuesday night Kalissa and her boyfriend Craig came by for supper and to meet Dixie.  I told her that while she was there, to help me try to get some photos of Dixie so we can pass them along to the Humane Society and they can get Dixie up on Petfinder site.

We tried….


and tried but Dixie was especially nervous with more visitors around.  She is warming up and I can see she has great potential but just not that night.  Kelli is coming tonight and I am hoping then she’ll spark up and we can take some pictures.  Just from Tuesday to today she has warmed up so much.


Dixie ended up walking away and Ruby jumped onto my lap.  Kalissa kept snapping pictures.  She got a couple cute ones of me and “the Rube-ster”.


Last week Ruby was at the vet for her booster shots.  She got a new collar too.  Her girly pink one is gone and now she has a grown up red collar.


I really love this girl.  She’s still a handful with her high energy but I wouldn’t be without her.

I also got questions from a couple readers wanting to help Dixie by donating some money towards sponsoring her adoption fees.  If you are inclined, here is a link to our Northeast Iowa Humane Society.  In the “how to help” there is a donate button with a Paypal option.  If you do that just write in the Paypal memo that you’d like the money to go towards Dixie’s adoption fee.  Thanks so much to those of you who offered.  Finding this gal a home when she’s older might be a challenge and your donation will help.

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  1. Awww, I love the pictures. Dixie will come around in time. LOVE does conquer all. She just has to learn what it is like to be loved. Bless you for fostering sweet girl. There may be some older folks who would be interested in adopting an older dog. It’s a good match, they understand each other intuitively. Older folks don’t have to chase a young puppy around or exercise a younger dog (personally my next dog(s) will be older rescues 10 -12 years old, but that’s just me.) They are so overlooked in shelters. I used to work at an animal shelter and at one time they had a successful program called “Seniors for Seniors” matching up older folks with older dogs. That was before I worked there. I don’t know why they stopped the program …

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