Going to the Dogs

I had another busy week and didn’t accomplish a lot.  I vowed on Saturday that I was going to get some stuff done.

Then Kalissa called me and asked if I wanted to go to Sumner and hit up the shops.  My favorite Marker’s Market is there.  It had been some time since I went so I said yes.

I took some pinning along as I NEED to get that deadline quilt finished.  I’ve been walking with Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations and when we last walked, she said she would machine-quilt it.  That means I need to get it finished quickly to make the deadline.

Kalisa wanted to stop at a shop there and look for clothes.  She had a bridal shower and bachelorette party and wanted something to wear.

I bought a few things…I’ll show them in another blog post and then we went home.  I ended up taking Gannon as he was in a mood and she took Anders and went to the bridal shower.  Carver was at a birthday party.

It was totally okay but now I couldn’t sew.  I had plenty of other things to do.  Gannon took Rosie and Izzy outside and was playing.  He just adores Izzy and Izzy adores him.
He decided he was going to blow bubbles for them. HA!!

Then they were playing out on the lawn.  Izzy adores Gannon and Gannon adores Izzy.  They are fast friends.

She’s really doing great!!

Just as they were playing… some people were walking by.  They had a dog on a leash and another dog was trailing them.  They started yelling “GO HOME!”.  They yelled and asked if this was my dog.  I said no.  They kept walking.

UGH.  I didn’t want to deal with this.  I had so many other things that needed to be done.  But, what did I do?  I took a picture of the dog, caught the dog, and tied it up on the outdoor tie-out leash we have.

I put Izzy and Rosie in the house.  I posted about the dog to my own Facebook page and asked people to share it.  Then I took him some water.

No luck.  This all happened around noon.  By 4 pm no owners.  No one had called me.  BLAH!

What am I going to do?  I don’t have an overnight spot to keep the stray.  Izzy is using my spare kennel.  I have a tiny kennel they gave me but Izzy can’t sleep in it overnight.

I ended up contacting a gal from HEART Animal Rescue to see if she had any suggestions.  She said to call the vet in Fredericksburg about 20 minutes from my house.  I did.  Someone was there.  She said if I brought the dog immediately she would take it and on Monday they would advertise and try to find the owners.

I quickly scrambled. No one had called and several people had shared my Facebook post so what choice did I have?  I knew no one would be available on Sunday to help.  At least if I took the dog to the vet it wouldn’t get hit by a car.

I took Izzy’s house kennel and put it in the van.  I put Izzy in the tiny crate.  She’d be okay for an hour until I was back at the house.  Rosie went into her kennel.

Now to get this stray into the van and in the kennel.  I’m okay with dogs I don’t know but I was a little nervous.  I didn’t want to pick this dog up.  Lots of dogs, even friendly dogs, don’t like getting picked up.  I didn’t want to get the dog in the kennel while it was on the ground and then have to lift the kennel into the van.  This dog was jumpy and I didn’t know how that would go.

It ended up going great.  I put the dog on a leash, walked it into the garage and it jumped right into my van and went into the kennel.  ZERO problems.

He really wasn’t a bad dog…in fact, a super friendly dog…but I can’t keep him.

I drove the 20 minutes to the vet clinic.  They were awesome.  Butch, what I called the dog, did great there.  I hope they can find his home.

I ended up stopping at the Froyo store on my way home.  It was just what I needed after a day that I didn’t accomplish a thing.  The Pumpkin Spice was AMAZING!!

While I ate, I thought and thought about the interaction with the people and the dog.  The more I think about it, the more I feel uncomfortable about it.  I didn’t recognize the people as regular walkers in town.  I didn’t recognize the dog they were walking.  The dog they were walking was the same coloring as this dog.

They didn’t start yelling “Go Home” to the dog until they were by my house.  I live in the middle of the block.  The dog was with them.  Why didn’t they start yelling at the dog sooner?

AHH.  Now I’m starting to wonder if they dumped the dog with me.  That frustrates me so if they did.

Typically if there is a stray in town, it gets posted on Facebook and someone tags someone asking if this is someone else’s dog.  The dogs always seem to get to their owners within a few hours.  There were no comments on this at all.  No one seemed to recognize the dog.

It’s making me start to wonder if someone dumped it here because they knew I was doing foster care.  Oh, my word.  I sure hope that isn’t the truth.  It’s super suspicious that I didn’t recognize the walkers or the dog.  Hmm.

I’m going to watch the Vet Facebook Page and see if they find the owner.  If you want to follow along, THIS is the Vet’s Facebook Page.

Regardless…it seems my place is going to the dogs.  How I could go from one dog to three dogs in only 4 days??  At least I’m back to two dogs.


The dog found it’s home.  He was a local dog and followed the farmer into town.

10 thoughts on “Going to the Dogs”

  1. Do any of your neighbors have a camera on their house? Any businesses that might have been on the peoples path as they walked their dog? It might give you some clues or answers. I hope he finds a wonderful home!

  2. I think you’re right, Jo, it sounds like the dog belonged to those people. I hope I’m wrong and someone claims him from the vets. Even though you didn’t accomplish anything sewing-wise, you did a really kind thing and made sure the dog was safe. That was an accomplishment!

  3. When people dump animals it just infuriates me! We live on the end of a dirt country road and cats and dogs always end up getting dumped here. We fixed that problem by putting up several signs that say, ” Smile, you are on Candid Camera”. We now have neighborhood watch signs and also Candid Camera signs so people know that they are constantly being recorded. It is all legal as the cameras are on our property and the neighbors property, so all we are doing is protecting our property, but we will always get a recording if anything is dumped. That way we can post a picture of the FOUND animal and the car that “Accidently” lost their animal to the Lost and Found groups and my page on Facebook…..LOL

  4. Good on you, for doing the right thing. Obviously, the dog has had some training, as it seemed to be easily crated. If it’s truly lost, maybe there was a chip?? The vet would scan, I’m sure. But, then best thing, Anders is out of them hospital and well enough for a road trip!! Super!!

  5. Good for you rescuing that sweet pup, Jo. I detest people that dump animals in any way or fashion! I always think how about we dump you in unfamiliar territory, no phone, no coat, no food, etc?! Jerks!

  6. It sure seems coincidental, but don’t you think if the people walking were the owners that the dog would have kept following them? Doesn’t seem likely that the dog would ditch its owners that quickly. I hope the owners can be located. Izzy is cute reminds me of a dog we had for a short time when I was growing up.

  7. And thanks to Jo for going above and beyond in starting “Butch” on his way home. Now, isn’t that just like her? Always bringing people together, too. Whether they be family, friends, or quilters on her blog!

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