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I really miss going on walks.  I used to walk 3-4 times a week with a friend of mine but she moved.  I haven’t found a new walking partner.  (If you live in the area and want to be my walking partner, contact me!!)

You all know how it goes.  If someone else keeps us accountable, we do it.  But, if left on our own, we find excuses and reasons not to walk.

My friend and I used to walk about 3 miles.  It wasn’t a fast walk as we took an hour to do it.  So now every time I think I’m going to get out and walk I tell myself, I don’t have an hour to walk so I don’t walk 30 minutes instead.  UGH.

I’m not wanting to walk for hard-core exercise.  I’m wanting to walk to get out of the house, get some fresh air, and for Rosie.  She loves her in-ground fencing but that doesn’t replace a walk.

So…I had a little talk with myself.  I don’t have to walk for any amount of time or any distance.  I just have to walk Rosie.  It doesn’t matter if it’s only around the block.  I have to walk 3-5 times a week.

On Sunday, I decided it was time.  Our daughter Kalissa called me and she asked what I was doing.  I happen to be putting on my shoes to walk so I told her that.  She said, “I want to go”.    AWESOME.  Then she said but you don’t want to walk with me as I’m at the waddling stage.  She kind of is…she’s due with baby three anytime now.

I told her nope.  I was just looking to get me and Rosie out of the house.  I’d be happy for some company.  So I walked the five blocks to their house.  Craig, Kalissa’s husband, and the boys came along too.

Gannon is just to the point that he can petal.  This didn’t come to him easily and he’s not super fast.  Worse is that he doesn’t steer the best.  He almost ran into a mailbox.  In an effort to get him to go faster, I told him Rosie was racing him.  He quickly picked up the pace so he could win.

Here…Craig waited with the boys as cars passed.  Typically we have no traffic when we walked.  This day, we met three cars on a very short strip of road.

The sky was beautiful.  The company was great.  It was just what Rosie and I needed to get out of the house.  Before long the cold weather will be here.  We need to enjoy this while we still have it.  So…that means I need to make a commitment to get out more.

Is anyone out there having the same struggle to get out and get moving?

Why not join me in a challenge to get out?  2-5 days a week for however long you can/want to be out.  Not a race.  Not a committed distance…just out and moving.

I’m giving myself that challenge.  I’m not going to let excuses keep me from doing it.

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    1. I do the same and I find I will walk farther just to hear the end of whatever is going on. Ha ha wish I lived closer I would be your walking partner.

  1. I walk every morning as soon as the sun us up. 4-6 houses as the dog is old but if I don’t go first thing then I don’t go….. it good to get those steps on my phone first thing!!!!

  2. If you don’t have one, I’d suggest investing in a basic Fitbit. They come with a wrist band, or you can buy an accessory clip. It’ll count the number of steps you take in a day. It’s a great motivator!

  3. You really don’t need to purchase a Fitbit since most phones track one’s steps. I have iPhone and I just keep in my pocket and it tracks for me (all day). I used to be an every morning walker, but things changed. More recently I was walking dog daily (rain, shine, snow or whatever!), but when it got too hot, he refused to budge (he is old). I have a great area to walk so I will take the challenge and will plan to walk 2-5 takes each week.

  4. Good plan, Jo! My wife and I are lucky to live near a park, the prettiest one in Houston. Every day, as soon as we’re dressed, but before we do anything else we walk in the park. Sometimes it’s too hot and humid to safely walk far, but the point is to get outside and walk.
    It’s my favorite part of each day.

  5. Good for you Jo! And how fun to get to walk with your family. I am a proponent of physical exercise. My husband and I prefer bicycles. We ride a little over 20 miles per day, weather permitting. So, I’m in!

  6. If I lived close I’d be your walking partner. If I have to walk alone then I tend not to do it. I’ll try your challenge as I do need the excerize. With quilting and cross stitching I sit too much.

  7. I’m like susie Q, I do it first thing every morning, if I don’t do it then I don’t go, it’s now a habit and I can’t start the day any other way now. I love it, it’s my time to think, pray, thrash things out before God, and sets me up for the day. Which leads me to another point – you don’t necessarily need another person to do exercise, it’s really ok to do it on your own, but everyone is different and I’m an introvert so I don’t mind being on my own. I guess I’m saying exercise shouldn’t necessarily be tied to having company. I actually get tired of having that idea pushed all the time, as if the only way to exercise is with a buddy. I get your point, about being accountable, but you can still decide to do these things even without someone keeping tabs on you. But each to their own. Hope you can make good your resolve.

  8. I like to walk first thing in the morning. My neighbor and I try to meet at 8am most mornings and do a 2 mile loop. It’s a great way to start the day!

  9. Great idea Jo. Think of it as walking Rosie…..the pup needs to walk every day. It’s OK if it’s just 10 minutes on your off days. Do 10 minutes again after supper.

    I’ve become a serious walker. In May I walked 165 miles. Once I get going I really don’t mind continuing and some days I’ll go over 5 miles. My average is about 3 and like you, I’m on a 20 minute mile.

    Let’s go girls! All of us-we can do this :-)

  10. I have in-house accountability partners. My dogs start pacing and whining if I am not ready to walk by 7am. They love their walks and I hate disappointing them, so it keeps me motivated. I’m sure Rosie appreciates the walks too.

  11. I love my Fitbit, too! I focus on my heart rate, though, and not the number of steps. As long as you’re out walking, why not challenge yourself to get your heart muscles in shape? I listen to motivational podcasts, and walk with my little dog, too. Enjoy!

  12. We walk our dogs twice a day. It’s so good for them. Left to my own devices, I might not go so I’m glad they need that walk. We walk in winter until it gets too cold for them but as soon as there is a weather break, out we go. You will notice how it benefits Rosie and that might be a good push for you as well. Good luck walking!

  13. At just about 73, I try to get every day for 30 min. Some days I really don’t want to, but after I know I did the right thing & feel better for it! Keep going Jo!!

  14. I use to walk a lot. I’d drive over to Brazos Bend State Park and hike 5-15 miles about three times a week. This year my boys and I weren’t able to have our annual hiking trip; my daughter, son-in-law and baby granddaughter moved in with us; my husband had another knee replacement; we’ve had an exceptionally hot, dry summer…..and I lost my walking mojo! I will try to start getting out again at least once a week to start. It made me feel so much better. The temps are in the low 90’s now and I’m only substituting about twice a week. So no reason to put it off!

  15. I really need the motivation to walk. I have 2 little dogs and they love going for walks. I need to build up some stamina. I will give this go at least a couple of times a week.

  16. I’ve been trying to go 3 times a week. Want to get up to 3 miles. It’s hard because I miss my dog. I have to take a different route than we use to take. I’m in for the challenge.

  17. I accept your challenge. This will be the second challenge accepted in less than a week. The other challenge is to quilt or do something quilt related 15 minutes daily.
    Question on embroidery floss. Does it ever break when it is old like cotton thread?

  18. What a great post, Jo! I walk, or ride my bike, most days of the week. My day doesn’t feel complete until I’ve had my exercise. It’s fun to walk with friends, but walking alone is rewarding too, time to think things through or just notice and appreciate your surroundings. Walking is so good for our health, mental as well as physical. I’ll be with you in spirit whenever you are out there walking.

  19. Such a timely post. We had an impromptu camping weekend with the goal of getting back to exercising more…. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided that super high temps were going n order, and we ended up spending more time inside our RV than normal!! So, we’ll accept the challenge, and work getting out more (sort if with you) from Ft. Worth, TX!!

  20. Mike and I recently adopted a dog from the shelter. So now, I’m walking about 1.5 mi a day. But, I’ll be glad to “walk with you”!
    Love and prayers

  21. I have also started walking lately.
    Used to walk twice daily when we had our dog, but they are all gone now; it’s hard to get used to a walk without a dog!
    I‘ve had a lot of back pain and I worked out that the more sitting I did the worse it was; so now I have a step app and aim to get 10000 steps a day. I don’t make the goal every day but it’s a good motivator anyway. And my back feels better the more I walk!
    If I lived nearby I’d definitely walk with you, Jo!

  22. I’ll walk “with” you, Jo! As I read through the comments I see many others are willing, too. We would make quite the crowd if we were all out walking together in person, LOL. Thanks for the nudge to get out while the weather is still easy to take.

  23. Way to go Jo! Now that outside work is wrapping up I need to get back on the tread mill. Will be having surgery on my foot so will be off that for a while in October, But will keep my hands busy.

  24. You want to walk before the cold weather and I am just the opposite! It has been far to warm (make that HOT) to be outside lately. Hopefully now that Fall is about here I will get out more. Then I will take you up on your challenge.

  25. I accept your challenge! I’m pretty active (ride my horse 3x a week, do farm work 15-40 hours a week depending on season, care for almost 2 yr old granddaughter 2 afternoons a week, plus housework), but I need to walk and have some active ‘down time ‘ for relaxation. Especially with colder weather coming, when I tend to do my farm chores and then stay in the house the rest of the day.

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