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GOing, GOing, GOne

Two years ago, AccuQuilt gave me GO! Cutter to review along with three dies.  I tried it..and liked it.

Since then something that I did find hard was “working backwards”.   Typically when we make a quilt, we design around the fabric….with a GO!, we have to design around a shape.  I found myself wanting to work with smaller pieces and they don’t offer many dies that are small.  If you read my blog you know that I am not an applique-er and so many of their items feature applique.

I found myself making projects, so I could do a video, so I could get another die, yet I didn’t use the GO! in between video projects.

I found the storage space in my sewing room diminishing.   After putting on my “Yard Sale” earlier this month, I noticed more room in my cupboards and liked that….I liked it so much that I decided to do a little deeper cleaning.  If I haven’t used it…out it goes.

After careful consideration, I decided that I am going to sell my AccuQuilt GO! and the dies.  I thought I would wait for the “Yard Sales” but that was SO hectic that I don’t want to deal with the GO! goodies then too.   If anyone is interested, feel free to email me

I am so glad that I got a chance to try a GO!….all in all, it’s a fine product.  I am just feeling the need to downsize.

21 thoughts on “GOing, GOing, GOne”

  1. you know, that is one of the reasons i didn’t purchase the machine to begin with. i drooled over it for a long time, and if i had been given it, i would certainly not have turned it down, but i just couldn’t bring myself to pay what they wanted for it, knowing that it may not be used that much. i think about the fact that you have to cut the pieces before you even put them into the dies, and wonder how much time and energy is really saved. i use my june tailor ruler with the slots for different size strips quite a bit, and couldn’t see the accu quilt saving me much time. maybe if i did more applique’, i would consider it more seriously.

  2. I tried the email address and my computer says invalid address.
    I would like a list with prices. Do you have Drunkard paths, large size and the chisel?

  3. Hi Jo
    I agree using a Go is a different way of thinking. I found that the strip dies I didn’t use but the others I did. I usually find a quilt pattern I want to do and then see which parts I can easily cut with the dies and then cut the rest the regular way. I have done several Bonnie Hunter quilts that way for example. And I like appliqué so if you let me know what dies you have and their prices I would be interested.
    Thanks, Crystal

  4. The question is…do I leave a note or is it sold? I guess I’ll leave a note. I’ve been looking at the Go for a while and the question always comes back to will I really use it otherwise it seems like a lot of money for one more thing to sit in my sewing room. If it isn’t sold, what price are you asking?

  5. I am glad I am not the only one that is shrinking things down and purging! I hope that you get a good price for the go and the die cuts- then you can put the money into fabrics and make more quilts! LOL

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