God’s Timing

As May comes to a close and calendars flip to June, I come upon the anniversary of Kramer’s passing.  For those of you who are long-time blog, readers know my husband Kramer died two years from lung cancer.

It’s a hard time… but I’m doing good.  At the two-year mark, widows know their husband really isn’t coming back.  They know that life now is what it is.  They are getting used to managing and making decisions on their own.  They are figuring out their way financially.  All of that progress brings some comfort.  People hate the phrase, “new normal”…but that’s where I am…a “new normal” as a widow.

I’ve had super support through all of this.  My kids have been fabulous.  I’ve had good friends check up on me…I’ve had the local firemen, neighbors, my childcare families..and the list goes on to include all of you, my blog readers.  I don’t think I could have been more supported by everyone.

…but I would be leaving two of my biggest helpers out if I didn’t mention Georgia and Gannon.  They are my two-year-old grandchildren.  Gannon is Kalissa’s guy and Georgia is Kelli’s girl.  They were born March/April 2019 only a week apart.  God’s time in bringing these two into my life couldn’t have been more perfect.

Kramer was able to meet both of them.  Here he is with Gannon…

Here he is with Georgia…

On Gannon’s birthday, we had supper at my house.  We went around the table and all of us say something we love about the birthday person.  It’s gotten to be a bit of a tradition that I love.

It was my turn to say something I loved about Gannon.  My comment was, “He saved me.”  Kalissa couldn’t figure out what I was talking about.  Then I went on to explain…

While Kramer was sick, both of these two precious grandbabies gave me something else to think about.  Both of them gave me hope.  I can’t tell you how many times when things got hard, I would just grab one of them under the pretense of wanting to rock them, but the truth was, they gave me an out…and excuse to sit and shed a tear or two without everyone noticing.

I take care of these two a lot.  They are two needy little humans, but honestly, they have given so much more to me than I could ever give them.

They make me laugh when I want to cry.  They make me think of everything and anything besides that their Papa Moo isn’t here.  They have me thinking about potty training…and having them try Swiss cheese which surprisingly, they love.  They make me think of anything and everything…they did it from the moment they were born.  They have been the most beautiful distraction from the sadness of loss.

They are so goofy…and I couldn’t love them more.

Even though they both are deep in the throws of showing their wants through temper tantrums.  Here they are eating freeze pops.

When we snapped this picture in April of 2019, I have no idea where life was taking me.

I had no idea the two years later, it would be me sitting on the couch alone without Kramer with me.  I had no idea we would have four more grandchildren.

I’m so blessed to have them all…but I’m especially blessed that God put Georgia and Gannon in my life just when He did.  I needed Georgia and Gannon….a million thanks to them both for loving on me when I needed it most.

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  1. They are truly your greatest Blessing. I’m so glad you have them to give you joy. Just as you are a Blessing to so many others through your talents.

  2. They are just too sweet. It’s amazing to me how God puts people in our life at just the right moment. You all needed each other.

  3. What a blessing. God never takes away without giving . One door closes in out life another one is open.. Grand chlldren are such a b,easing . I love your pictured Gannon & Georgia. And now you’ve 2 more babies to give joy ❤️

  4. What a blessing. God never takes away without giving . One door closes in out life another one is open.. Grand chlldren are such a blessing. . I love your pictured Gannon & Georgia. And now you’ve 2 more babies to give joy ❤️

  5. You are so right – “God’s timing.” So often we don’t understand God’s timing, especially when a loved one is taken when we think he or she is just too young, but then we just trust that His timing is right. In spite of the grief you had, He gave you what you needed to help you heal. You are blessed and have been so very strong through these last two plus years. You have encouraged others and are an inspiration to all of us.

  6. Terry harouff

    Hugs Jo,
    what a touching and beautiful post. Children are indeed a gift from the Lord. When my husband was dying of pancreatitis, my son and daughter in law who had up until then not been able to get pregnant finally did!
    Of course, they lived in Pittsburgh Pa with the rest of my family, and I lived in Omaha NE. 10 days after my beloved Don dies, my little ray of sunshine, Paul Aiden was born. I have 5 grandsons all of whom I love dearly but he was my life saver also. Because in Dec that year i found out i had breast cancer. As i walked thru that also by myself my son asked if they could move out to live with me! they have been here now almost 6 years and what a delight to watch this child grow up. He is my garden buddy too. Today we are going to pland marigolds again together for the summer. And he is still my ray of sunshine, terry

  7. What a beautiful tribute to the two little miracles in your life. They were given to you for a reason and you recognize that and appreciate it. You are truly blessed!

  8. Yes, they kind of rescued you and gave you a reason for living. I was a widow at 51, but I was very alone. I lived almost an hour away from family and friends and everyone had their jobs. It was very difficult but life goes on. I read your blog and I see how you have a great supporting group of family and friends and your life is happy now. God knows what we need and all those grandchildren needed you and you needed them.

  9. Kris in Naperville

    Tears…. you are a gifted writer… please consider writing a book, a chronicle of your life and times… it would capture a slice of time, family, love, loss, persistence, art… thanks for sharing your life and heart… God is good! Your grandbabies are simply adorable.

  10. I’ve only recently started reading your blogs, but am grateful for the time you take to write them. I am sorry about the loss of your husband, and though nothing can replace him, God always has a way of filling up our lives in other ways and sending comfort.

    Thanks for sharing this. It speaks volumes of the person you are and the blessings you recognize.

  11. God gave us a beautiful granddaughter one month after my mother-in-law passed. This precious child And the love we could lavish on her made a sad time bearable.
    Hugs to you!

  12. I’m a huge believer in God’s perfect timing. It happens all the time, but when we are blessed to be able to see it, it’s even more precious. Sometimes, it’s as simple as finding a parking spot. Other times, it’s avoiding an accident by running early or late. And then there are the big ones….he saved me….sending God’s blessed children to give you a smile, provide cuddling time, hide the tears, fill some time.

    I was pregnant with my daughter when I was getting divorced. Good timing? Well, she saved me. She gave me a purpose, something to focus on. She needed me to be there, care for her, make me smile.

    Thank God for His perfect timing and for your miracle grandbabies (and the rest of the family, too).

  13. I say Amen to this post. I agree that it was very cool timing that those two showed up. What a blessing. Hugs!!!

  14. Rebecca Brewster

    Your grandchildren coming at the right time reminded me of my daughter coming in January after my dad passed away in July. She and my mom were always close.

  15. Judith Fairchild

    Oh what a great Vod we have. He knows what we need before we need it. His timing is perfect. Your Grands are all such sweetness

  16. I’m praying for you, Jo. You’re doing for others — folks you’ve never even met — what Gannon and Georgie are doing for you.
    Please don’t quit.

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