Gluten Free Goodness!!

Last summer, I discovered the hard way that I have issues with gluten.  After a few months of feeling awful after eating every meal, I did a bit of internet research and tried eliminating gluten.  I almost immediately felt better!  Ever since then, I have been on an ongoing research for gluten free food and being from almost the middle of nowhere, I found out I didn’t have too many options for substitutions for bread and other gluten rich foods in my area.  Ever since then, every time that I go to civilization, I seek out some new goodies.

When mom and I took the cousins back to Cedar Rapids, I was lucky enough to talk her into a quick trip to HyVee.  I was thrilled to find some new things to try and to stock up on some new “staples.”

Gluten Free--FinalI have found that the Udi’s brand is one of my favorites.  I was able to pick up some of the chocolate muffins (they actually taste more like cupcakes) and some tortillas that I hadn’t previously tried.  I used them to make a wrap for lunch and they were great.  The Domata flour works great in recipes that call for flour as I can substitute it cup for cup.  I also got a box of the equivalent to hamburger helper which is great for a quick meal.  The crackers will work great for a quick dessert and a good base for meatballs.

Do you happen to have any gluten free staples that you love or allow you to make one meal for your family rather than making a separate gluten free meal?  If so, I would looooove to hear your tips!

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  1. I buy some multigrain crackers that are made by Crunchmaster that are gluten free. They are really good-Walmart carries them if that helps!

  2. I too went gluten free, nearly three years ago. I’m much better for it.

    For recipes, consider Gourmet Girl Cooks blog,
    real food that real people eat. She has great ‘bready’ type of recipes. Her nut pie crust is outta this world and a regular on our menu.

    Also consider the recipes at Willam Davis, MD’s site, Wheat Belly (he’s a cardiologist),
    His books are a great resource too and you should be able to get them through the library or interlibrary loan.

    Jillian in North Dakota

  3. The How Can It Be Gluten Free cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen has the best recipes. I also find that finding foods and recipes that never had gluten work out much better than trying to make substitutions.

  4. Hi–I struggled for a long time against going gluten free–it just couldn’t be true–how could I live for so long and suddenly get this????? I too feel so much better eating gluten free–and look so much thinner….Ha….

    Jovial pasta is just the very best—I have to find it at a health food store near Mpls…it tastes like real pasta…..I have made a couple recipes from the book….The How Can It Be Gluten Free by America’s Test Kitchen….The recipes are really good in the book and I am liking the flour mix that they developed…They explain why the recipes work too which really helps in learning gluten free cooking…..

    I love the gluten free strawberry pie recipe that you posted—it is really good and my husband will eat it too…Yes!!!!!!

    I so appreciate you talking about this issue and the recipes you put on the blog…..the worst is when I have to eat out….wow–wheat is just in everything….but I am slowly figuring it all out….

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