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I was going to announce the giveaway winner of the T-shirts that Kalissa is doing but…something happened.  You all managed to sell her out of many of the sizes.  That’s awesome but we decided to wait on announcing a winner until shirts are back in stock.  Then the winner can actually have the shirt they truly desire in the size they need.

No fears though on waiting on the giveaway though as I’m going to be offering goodie in a minute…just wait.  First the shirts.

If you’re wondering which shirt was the best selling one…this one was!!

Blessed are the Piecemakers  Graphic Tee  Quilter Tee  image 0

You guys really impressed Kalissa with sales.

Kalissa often bounces design ideas off on me and Kelli.  When she did this one, I told her that one was the winner…HANDS DOWN, awesome shirt for most any quilter.  Kalissa, of course, was second-guessing herself.  I told her nope, you all would love it and you did.

Kalissa put another order if for shirts to be printed so no worries if your size sold out.  More and coming.  THIS is the link to her Etsy shop if you’re curious if your size is in or if you’d like to see her other shirts.

Now…I told you there was more to this post.  THERE IS…read on.
Winnie at Nido contacted me.  She’s the owner of the company that sells the wool mats that I love.  They are offering a great sale on all of their wool mats.  They sell their products through Amazon.  HERE is the link to their products.

They offer several different sizes of mats now:
9″ x 9″
13.5″ x 13.5″
17″ x 17″
17″ x 24″

I have two of the large rectangular and one of the 13.5″ x 13.5″.  Yep…three mats for one quilter.  Crazy I know.

Winnie started out giving me a coupon code for you all but they are such a pain…I always forget the letter/number combo or I forget to actually put the code in or I can’t see where to put the code in.  This time around, if you’re interested in getting a mat with a great discount of up to $4 off per mat, all you need to do is click the box that says:


Save an extra $4.00 when you apply this coupon.

You can find the mats HERE.  You can check out the sizes and coupons for whatever size you are interested in.

I was so hesitant when I first bought a wool pressing mat.  I actually bought one that was a different brand but the smell was not my favorite.  Some mats truly smell like a wet sheep…no joke.  The Nido brand ones do not.

I love the versatility of them and how portable they are.  I keep one in my laundry room and pop it out onto the kitchen island all of the time.

My other large mat is on my cutting/ironing station…see?

It fits there perfectly.

My other mat can be seen peeking out on the wooden TV tray.  I move that to whichever machine I am using at the time.

I’ve been super happy with the customer service and working with Winnie is always a treat.  She’s super patient with me.  I appreciate that so much.

The best deal of all is if you buy a combo pack.  THIS is the combo pack I have.

Normally the big one is $44.99 and the smaller one is $28.99.  That a total of $73.98.  When bought together it’s only $55.99.  I’d call that a crazy good deal.  You almost get the second one free!

My mat has been getting a workout with my Lori Holt Red Sampler blocks.

If you have questions about the mats, I can hook you right up with Winnie.  She’s great and how wonderful is that you can talk directly to the owner.  That’s one of the great benefits when ordering from a small business.

When Winnie asked if I wanted to share the discounts on the mats with you, how could I say anything but yes when it meant a nice discount coupon for you…and a chance for me to tell you again about one of my very favorite tools for you quilting room.

With that, I’m off to work on more of my blocks.  I’ve had such a good time with them.

Before I go, THIS was the link to Kalissa’s shirts…and here to Winnie’s awesome Nido Wool Pressing Mats.

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  1. I have been thinking about purchasing one of these mats but am sensitive to wool. Are you aware of anyone else having such an issue and is still able to use this mat?

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