Giveaway Winners…and SNOW?!

Early in the week, my garden got tilled….


Today…it’s snowing!?!


Welcome to April in Iowa.

The winner of the book giveaway is…. jmniffer. Thanks everyone for answering the question about how many quilts you’ve made.  It’s interesting to read all the responses….now it I were to answer the question…How many quilts have I made…I am thinking around 60 if we are counting only quilts.  If you count table runners, quilted purse and such, then there would be more.  Most of my quilts are queen size, with a few smalled baby sized ones thrown in for good measure.  By far, I love making queen sized quilts the best.

I am off to clean house and make food.  My kiddos are all coming home for an early Easter dinner tomorrow.

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