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I LONG time ago…well actually about a year ago.  It seems like forever ago.   Kelli and I sent out a message to you our blog readers asking for a strip of 2 1/2″ wide white printed fabric.  So many of you responded.  At the time we told you we were making a mystery quilt.  We told you the quilt would be published and when it was we would give a reader a copy of the publication.

Here are all the envelopes from the people who sent us fabric.  I had a blast opening up all the envelopes and seeing the pieces that people parted with.

If you missed it, this is the quilt that we made with all those scraps.  We called the quilt “Thanks to You!”.  (read about the quilt here)  Without you we couldn’t have come up with all the great light prints that made this quilt.


You can find the quilt in our new quilt book, “Country Girl Modern”.

I’ve know I needed to draw a winner.  But the problem, I didn’t know where the box was that had all the envelopes for us to choose from was.

Kelli was home this weekend and she was on a mission to get the quilting room set up.  I, however, wasn’t.  My one and only goal was to find the box that had the envelopes so we could pick the winner.  We ended up in the quilting room.  We made a pack that we would clean until I found the box.  We were only there 20 minutes until I found it.

We ran downstairs and picked a winner….  Is this your stattionery?

If your name is Barbara Amorin, it’s your stationery and you’re the winner of our book Country Girl Modern.  We put your book an envelope and shipped it off on Monday.  Keep watching your mailbox.  It’s on the way!!

Thanks everyone who played along with us.  We had LOTS of fun with this project.

I know several of you told me that you weren’t going to purchase a book until you found out who the winner is….well now you know.  If you do want to order a book you can find out the information on how to do that here.

1 thought on “Giveaway Winner Announced”

  1. Barbara Amorin

    Thank you so much Jo!! I love the quilts in the book and am so thrilled that I won it!
    I’m a ‘country girl’ too, so a bunch of the quilts you and your talented daughter designed really appeal to me.
    I’ll be on the look out for the package.

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