Monday I took an extra day off of childcare.  I am so glad I did.  I felt really good …I think I just needed a mental health day along with a little more time to recuperate.

I spent part of the day in the sewing room doing a little tidying and simple piecing.  I just needed something simple and relaxing.

While I was cleaning I came across the leftovers from my Jingle Bell Square quilt top.


Hmmm…I know I don’t have another Christmas quilt in me for awhile so why not package this all up and send it on.  I asked Kelli if she wanted it and she wasn’t interested.  I told her I was going to hold a giveaway for it on the blog then.  She said go for it.

Would you like to win the box of goodies?So here’s the deal.  I have a box of leftovers of Christmas fabric.  There is not enough to make the quilt but enough for a start.  I also have the Quiltmaker magazine that has pattern for Jingle Bell Square in it.  I did not follow the directions in the magazine, I cut all of my quilt using a companion ruler.  That means that a portion of the fabric is cut into 1 1/2″ and 2 1/2″ strips.  It also means that if you want to make the quilt you’d need to make it using the converted instructions I wrote about here.

If you forgot what the quilt looks like, here’s  a picture of my quilt top.


Included in the gift box will be the magazine, miscellaneous Christmas fabric as well as fabrics cut into 1 1/2″ and 2 1/2″ strips.

If you would like a chance to win just leave a comment here telling if you have ever made a bed sized Christmas quilt before.  We’ll pick a winner next week.

154 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY Today!!”

  1. I have never made a Christmas quilt of any kind. I don’t even buy holiday fabric, but I have a tote (all gifted to me) of it that I could add to your box and make something beautiful. I am trying to stick to the UFO finishes, but I could treat myself to a new start. . .

  2. I am working on a Christmas quilt but it is only lap sized. I think it would be fun to have a Christmas quilt to put on my bed.

  3. I made a king-sized Christmas quilt for our bed, but forgot to use it in 2015. I’ll definitely use it this year! It would be so fun to have another Christmas quilt for my guest bed. Thanks for the giveaway and hang in there! It sounds like you have wonderful doctors and your family is always the best. God bless you!

  4. I’ve made one and have always regretted giving it away as an impromptu gift. I have some Christmas materials from various projects since then and would love to try this quilt for my own bed!

  5. I made a Christmas quilt trying Bonnie Hunter’s “leader ender” method. I was working mainly on The Grand Illusion quilt. I’d enjoy making another. Christmas fabrics have a lot of “happy” in them!

  6. I have never made a bed size Christmas quilt. Yours looks beautiful and brings me happy thoughts for Christmastime. I enjoy reading your blog every day and I’d like to thank you for sharing of yourself and your talents with quilting.

  7. Deanna Akeson

    A Christmas bed quilt is on my bucket list. I don’t often purchase holiday specific fabrics so a jumpstart would be great!

  8. I haven’t made one yet. Your quilt is beautiful! Thanks for the great giveaway! vickise at gmail dot com

  9. I’ve made Bonnie Hunter’s Christmas mystery quilt and I love it . I can’t wait to put it on my bed after Thanksgiving. My oldest son says it is one of the favorites I have made. I love seeing what quilt you’re up to next and a new Christmas quilt would be fun. Thanks for your blog!

  10. I absolutely love this quilt, Jo! I’ve never made a Christmas quilt, bed-sized or otherwise, but I have begun to collect Christmas fabrics because I have the “itch.” I would love to win this box of goodies! On a separate subject, I wanted to thank you for allowing us to take your thyroid journey with you. My two daughters and I all have thyroid problems, one on medication and two of us with enlarged thyroids. Going down this road with you is encouraging and it helps ease my personal worries watching how you are optimistically handling the challenges. I see good things for you at the end of your journey and wanted to share that with you. Take care!

  11. No, I have never made a Christmas quilt, although I have always wanted to. After seeing yours all done, I really have thought about taking all the Christmas fabrics I have (alot for placemats, tablerunners, etc), and making one like yours–it was awesome. I would be proud & honored to win your leftovers.

  12. I have made decorative quilty things, like pillows and runners and small wall hangings, but, sadly no bed size Christmas quilts. I have starting collecting Christmas fabric and hope to do one sometime later on this year. Thanks for the chance to win yours!

  13. Rosie Westerhold

    I’ve made a Christmas quilt, but it still isn’t quilted! I would use these scraps plus some of mine to make a Christmas donation quilt for our guild’s outreach community project. So, pick me, pick me! (Hand waving wildly in the air to draw attention to myself. Otherwise, I’m usually the shy, retiring quilter.). Yeah, right. NOT. But I would put those scraps to good use. Everyone in our small group has been challenged to make a Christmas quilt by October. These scraps would come in very handy!

  14. What a generous giveaway-thank you! One of my early quilts was a Christmas quilt by Thimbleberries. I am tired of it and was thinking I need to make a new, fresh one for Christmas this year or one of these Christmases. I would love to take your starter kit and add my Christmas prints to it and make this one.

  15. I’ve made Chrstmas quilts for all three beds in my home. Now I need to start some for my kids’ homes. Your leftovers would be a great start!

  16. I have made one Christmas quilt and it was a Stack and Whack pattern. I didn’t really want it so sent it to a lady down south that was collecting quilts for people that were affected by Hurricane Katrina back several years ago. Enjoy reading your blog each day, and thanks for the giveaway.

  17. I have used my little twister ruler to make a Christmas quilt. That was a lot of work! I would now like to make something Christmasy for the charity, Victoria Quilts – quilts are made and given to those diagnosed with cancer. We never have enough quilt tops to give. This fabric would certainly go far towards a quilt top. No matter where the fabric goes, your generosity will be appreciated.

  18. Loooove your Christmas quilt!! No..I have never made a Christmas quilt of any size actually…but have started to save Christmas fabrics! So have a small stash started! :) Would be Awesome to win some…thanks for the chance!!

  19. No, never made a bed-sized Christmas quilt, so I would love to win your “starter kit”! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  20. Nancy Angerer

    I have not completed a bed sized Christmas quilt, but I have one started. I also have purchased some Christmas fabric that was on sale after Christmas a year ago. Have not decided what I will do with it yet. Anyway, I would love to play with your scraps.

  21. I have made three bed size Christmas quilts. I gave them to my children and I have not yet made myself one. This would be a great way to get myself to make a Christmas quilt for me. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  22. I have made Bonnie’s Carolina Christmas quilt and would love to make a second Christmas quilt. I looked and looked thru my magazines for this issue. I must have missed this issue when subscribing. Thanks!

  23. I would love your Christmas scrap giveaway! I have been making quilted Christmas tree skirts, and these would be perfect for me!
    However, I will be so happy for whomever you choose to gift them to. I admire your generosity. My plan is to make a quilt top for you to quilt and donate one day.

  24. I have never made a Christmas quilt, but I have lots of odds and ends that are just waiting to be in one! Thanks for the offer to win.

  25. I made just one when I first started quilting It was a rail fence and I quilted it myself with stitch in the ditch using a walking foot. That was when I decided I like to piece better than quilt
    I gifted it to my mother who was very big at Christmas decorating
    I have it now and it reminds me of her when I use it

  26. I have not made a Christmas quilt yet but I am ready to start one! Thank you for a chance to win…Penny

  27. I’ve never made a Christmas quilt but have been stashing fabrics to do so. I probably should be working on it now so I’m sure to finish by December! Thanks for the chance to win ;c)

  28. I do have some scraps of Christmas fabrics that I’ve slowly collected but as yet have not made any Christmas sewing at all. I’m not sure what would be a good pattern or if I’d even have enough for one. I’d be tickled to add yours to mine & maybe make a revised quilt version like yours.
    Thank for the chance.

  29. Lynnette Lamance

    I have yet to to make one,After I finish the quilt I am now piecing, I’d love to give it a shot

  30. I put a log cabin Christmas quilt on my bed every year. I have 2 started for my granddaughters when they were born – they’re 17 & 18 now! Still have the started tops. Could use more scraps! Thanks for the chance to get some more!

  31. Lovely quilt!
    I’d be tickled pink to win your scraps! I’ve recently discovered how much I love scrappy quilts!

  32. Since I am still a beginner in quilting I haven’t made a lot of quilts yet. I have made one lap size Christmas quilt in a simple pattern. But it’s neat to have something just for the holiday to put out just during that month. Scrappy is my #1 favorite quilt and I try to always use string blocks and bits of scraps in everything I make. Thank you Jo for your wonderful blog!

  33. Would love to make a Christmas quilt- Taking 2 classes with Bonnie Hunter in April and was thinking I should do 1 in Christmas fabrics. Love reading your blog- good luck with your health and God Bless You

  34. Sharon Hughson

    Never made a bed size holiday quilt, but have done several wall hangings and one tree skirt. Great giveaway!

  35. No, I haven’t made a full size Christmas quilt. I prefer smaller projects for Holiday quilting. I’ve made a couple of tree skirts and it’s time for another. I also have Christmas wallhangings planned.

  36. I haven’t ever made a bed quilt but I have a quilt wall hanging of a Christmas tree that I put up ever year. It is by far my favorite Christmas decoration, I’d love to make a bigger version of it for my bed.

  37. Michelle Hansen

    Well, depends on the size of the bed, but yes I have. One for a twin and a second one for a double. I have a couple others that are odd sized but that is all. I do have plans — in the far future — to make one for my bed …. a cali king size! Yikes!

  38. I have not made a bed sized Christmas quilt but I have made a 12 days of Christmas wall hanging and I have another Christmas stocking wall hanging in progress.

  39. no, i have never made a bed size Christmas or any other holiday quilt. Would sure like to have the makings for that quilt (at least the beginnings for it!). thanks for the opportunity and hope you are feeling good today.

  40. hi jo, I am so happy to hear you are feeling better. i’m sure you will beat this cancer with no problem at all.
    I have not made a Christmas quilt, or any other holiday quilt yet. my kids keep needing baby quilts. and I don’t mind one bit! I recently got my first bonnie book and I am anxious to get going on one. you made me NEED the pineapple quilt for myself, but I haven’t started yet. i am not a very fast quilter and don’t have many scraps yet. but soon I will. I love reading your blog jo. you are always so honest and down to earth and I like that –it very refreshing! you have made me a bonnie fan and taught me so much about quilting. a big thank you to you and Kelly for helping a new quilter love scrappiness!

    thanks for everything


  41. Karen in Breezy Point

    I’ve started a bed size Christmas quilt using one of Bonnie’s patterns, but it is still in the process of being pieced!

  42. Hi. I made an block exchange christmas quilt that’s queen size. It’s with maroon and teal fabrics which are a little non-traditional. So I often don’t put it out. I’d like to make a more traditional red and green christmas quilt.

  43. I have Bonnie Hunter’s Christmas Lights to the flimsy stage but it is not big enough for a queen size bed. Would love some more Christmas scraps especially with some strips already cut.

  44. Winning this give-away would enable me to make my very first Christmas quilt. Love your blog Jo. I look forward to your posts.

  45. LOL, I had forgotten until I saw your post that I made a king size Christmas quilt for my daughter & son-in-law several years ago (it was Bonnie Hunter’s Carolina Christmas). They moved in with me after she finished CRNA school. When they moved out, my son-in-law took another red/white quilt I made saying he needed it cause daughter “hogged” the king quilt. This left me with NO Christmas quilt. I keep saying I’m going to start working on another, but…!
    Thanks for the chance to win the “makings” of another…

  46. thank you for such a generous give away

    would LOVE to get a start on making this quilt for Christmas

    happy to pay postage to Australia too

  47. Josie McRazie

    I have made a halloween but not a Christmas yet. Its on my list’s! And i love Bonnies!! Great giveaway!! Thanks for a chance!

  48. I’m a bit late on this but my mothers cancer has been kicking our butts. I have been busy for 4 weeks so have missed your posts. I’m so glad your surgery went well. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. If youre still working on the give away I’d love to be included…I love Christmas and Xmas quilts.
    Take Care

  49. Hi
    I have not made a bed size quilt for Christmas but it sounds like a great idea! I have the perfect person for it too – my sister is a Christmas all year round gal!!! Thanks for the chance!

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