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If you don’t mind my leftovers, are a wool lover, and want something for free….here’s the giveaway for you.  I was cleaning my sewing room and found this.  I always intended on making it, but hubby saw it and wanted to know why we would want a sheep in our house…men.  His comment burst my balloon and I lost interest.


There is a pattern for the sheep and a pattern for one of the “blankets” that go on it’s back.  There are more “blanket” patterns available…I think one for each month of the year, but I only bought one.  So what you see in the picture is what you get.  I will pick a winner on Friday.

Just leave a comment…be creative….no pick me, pick me.

26 thoughts on “Giveaway Alert!”

  1. I’ll kick things off … sheep and wool are 2 of my newest things – I’d love to win – thanks for the opportunity!

  2. I enjoy checking out your blog everyday and I would LOVE to win! I have yet to make anything out of wool and the sheep is so cute! Thanks for keeping me inspired!

  3. What do men know?! Mine knows nothing about decorating! LOL But he thinks he does….oh well.. I love working with wool and this sheep would fit right in.

  4. I love working with wool. Since I live in the city and can’t have a cute sheep in my yard to cuddle then a wool will do just fine. Thanks for the chance to win this pattern.

  5. What a cute pattern. Everyone should have at least one wool sheep pattern in their collection. Men! What do they

  6. I love sheep (and WOOL!!!), and have actually looked at that pattern several times. I know what you mean…men! Every time I start a new project, my husbands comment is always “and what are you going to do with it?” I cheerfully say “I don’t know, I like it so I’m making it!”

  7. “All like sheep have gone astray…each to their own way “.. sounds like some hubbys that “dont GET IT” to me hahaha. Btw Jo.. I love ewe!!! 8) Bahhhh bahhhhhh!!

  8. I can so relate to “finding” things I’ve bought and have no memory of! LOL That little sheep is soooo cute! I’d love to take that off your hands for ya! :)

  9. “Mary had a little lamb ” used to fill my days as a preschool teacher but now I would love this sheep to follow me home and become part of my house !

  10. Sheep remind me of when my son was little and walking around outside followed the ‘raisin’ trail…but he quickly discovered they weren’t raisin’s!! Yuk! He doesn’t like me telling that story.

  11. Denise from NY

    I wouldn’t have even asked my husband, I would have said “look what followed me home?” Tell him sheep aren’t baaaaaad, they’re gooooood. LOL

  12. It’s late for me…no counting sheep! LOL
    OK….I wouldn’t have time to make this BUT do know of somebody that I NEED to pass this on to as she works with wool and collects SHEEP. Maybe she would make it for me? LOL

  13. Thanks for the chance to win!! Love it and I have a spot all picked out in my house when it’s completed! Everyone seems to be spring cleaning- guess I’d better start some day soon :-)

  14. I love that sheep! There have been several similar things out there in the past ( a sheep and also a cat, some were cross-stitched) that had the ‘blanket’ for each month or season. I loved all of them, but never took the plunge. I would give your sheep a good home and lots of love.

  15. I know how you feel, I show my DH something and if he is negative about it, I don’t want to bother with it anymore. Doesn’t that suck! Well this would be my first wool project, would love the chance to see if I like working with wool. Looks like a very cute pattern.


  16. Men have no idea! ! This would look SO cool in my new sewing room! Well it will be a sewing room once my hubby finishes building it (half done)

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