I love my blog readers.  I can’t say enough good things about you all.

Earlier this week I got an email from Doris.  She writes, “I bought an Audible subscription last year because my sister who is an avid reader had eye surgery and for few months wasn’t able to read.  Her eyes have healed and she can now read again.  We both prefer reading to listening so I have accumulated 6 Audible credits which I would love to gift to you.  I also read your blog daily and love it!  I read the post listing the books you would like to read.  Please let me know if you have bought or been gifted any of the following books and if not I will gladly send them to you.”


I said YES…YES, YES, YES!!  You might remember that I was lamenting that I had a listing of books that I wanted to listen to but the on line library waiting list was SO long that I might have to wait a year to get these books.  Well wait no more.  Doris blessed me with them.  I can’t wait.  So many of the books I’ve been listening to lately are duds.  Few things beat time with a good book and all of these have come highly recommended!  Yahoo.  You can guess what I’ll be doing once I get my taxes prepped.  I’ll be doing ANYTHING that allows me to listen.  This is going to make working on charity quilt MUCH more pleasant!  Good books are just the “get up and go” that I need.

I got a box of fun for the kiddos in the mail.

When the box got opened the kids ran with some of the goodies so not everything made it into the pictures.  Anything princess related things around here are hot items.  There were two crowns in the box and they are gone and played with all the time as is the wand.  They actually fight over them a bit but they have so much fun the squabbling is worth it.

I set the stickers aside.  I used to be able to put them out and let the kids make and create what they wanted but twice last week one little two year old escaped from the kitchen (where the stickers are supposed to stay) and ended up taking a whole sheet of stickers and plastering them on my mirror…the next day, the spokes on one of the cribs.   Now I give them out when asked or put them out when I am only right by the table so the little one doesn’t sneak off again.


Thanks so much for the goodies… The kids have adored them.  The little girl with the box has been popular too.  She’s magnetic and the kids can dress her with the magnetic clothes.  The kids were super happy and occupied with the “just like Christmas” box of goodies.

I got a package from Mary of Country Threads fame.  She sent me a new collaboration book of table toppers…and a wonderful crochet apron for Kayla.  If I didn’t know better I might think my Kayla is Mary’s daughter!  They both have so many of the same interests.

The book has been set aside for just a bit.  Well that’s not true.  I flipped through it but haven’t delved into it.  I have to get my taxes done first.  UGH!!

Just look at the cover!


Goodness knows if the Country Threads girls have patterns in it, I”ll love it.  The table runner in the large picture on the cover is a Jo Morton project….I’m sure I’m going to love the book but will do a full review coming up.

WOW…what a lot of goodies.  All are so appreciate…some by me, some by the childcare kiddos.  We all very much appreciate the kindnesses.  THANKS.

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  1. The apron is really cute, hope you will post a picture of Kayla with it on. Love the magnetic doll kit, what a fun toy to play with. You do get the best boxes in the mail.

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