Getting “Twisted”

Over the weekend, I got “twisted”.  No, I wasn’t drinking.  I was sewing this….
Isn’t it neat the way the pieces intertwine? 
It was so fun to make….and to be perfectly honest, quite amazing.  I used one Oh Cherry Oh layer cake (10 x 10 precut pieces).  I sewed the pieces together like this….
Then I added a 6.5″ border.  Next take a premarked ruler and lay it on the intersection of the quilt and cut the block out.  YES…you do cut right into the blocks that you just sewed together. 
The key to doing this is to make sure that you keep the up part of the ruler pointed up.  Another pointer is to make sure not to stretch the fabric as you sew the cut blocks together as you are sewing on the bias now.

As I cut the pieces apart I laid them above where I was cutting making sure to keep the pieces in order.  I would have been in BIG trouble if I wouldn’t have kept the pieces in order.  It would have been a HUGE puzzle.  It’s about 53 x 60″.
You can purchase a pattern from LouAnn’s Quilt Garden and Retreat in Oelwin, Iowa.  Here is the information for the shop…her website is being redone.  Lou Ann’s Quilt Garden & Retreat, 21 E. Charles, Oelwein, Iowa  563-283-5165
I am sure they could set you up with the Twister pattern…Tell them Jo sent you.  If you are trying to decide what type of layer cake to make yours from, here’s a suggestion.  Purchase a layer cake that has 42 squares.  Some layer cakes have 40…some 42.  If you get one that has 42, you can lay the blocks out in a 6 x 7 layout….making no wasted blocks.  I have some five inch(ish) squares left over.  Check back and see what is happening to them!

My hubby was completely baffled by this whole project…..cut something apart to sew  it together, to cut it apart to sew it together….gotta love quilting.

11 thoughts on “Getting “Twisted””

  1. Thanks so much for explaining this pattern. I have seen it around and thought it was amazing. I will definitely have to buy this pattern. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Rebecca Davidson

    I tried the website you listed but was not successful in obtaining a phone number or address to contact them to buy the pattern. Any other ideas?

    1. Here is the information to contact Lou Ann’s. She is redoing her website.
      Lou Ann’s Quilt Garden & Retreat, 21 E. Charles, Oelwein, Iowa 563-283-5165

  3. I loved your quilt!! Just gotta tell you that after a year & a half I have started quilting and sewing again thanks to your web site. I’m so inspired by what you’re doing and what you get done. Thanks.

    1. I am SO glad you started quilting again….it’s therapy for me. At times my hubby will even say, did you need time to quilt? He’s learned I NEED therapy….now it might be the kind of therapy to get me to control an obsession. :)

  4. This really is cute and your explanation makes it sound not hard and fairly quick to put together. I might even have to try this one and put to use some accumulated fabrics.

  5. I loved this pattern and am going to give it a try. I’ve been quilting for about 2 years and hope to continue for many more. Your quilts are beautiful and I love reading your blog……it’s now in my favorites.

    1. Hi Beth…Thanks for the wonderful compliments….I SO love quilting. I am glad you started. For me it’s therapy…a bit of time to myself…some time to think…and I can accomplish something at the same time. Definately, it’s a win-win situation.

  6. Just last week I saw this demo’d over on this blog –

    and while she did give a link on where to purchase those templates – I’m SO GLAD that I DIDN’T order YET b/c no where on her post does she share the AWESOME tip that you did on your blog (not this post but one of them) of where the leftovers from using the 10″ pieces that you can use them up with the smaller template!!!

    Until now I was only gonna order the small one to use with my charm pack that I have – but NOW I “NEED” them both! ;)

    This would be A*W*E*S*O*M*E for kids learning to sew… a complex looking pattern but super cool easy way!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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