Getting Sucked into the Scrap Vortex

A post from Kelli–

So a few weekends ago, Connie came  down for a visit.  Unfortunately I had picked up the Saturday that she was planning on coming down.  I was super bummed but ended up being able to get call and didn’t get called in so I was able to have a sewing day with Connie and Mom.  Definitely won the jackpot on that one!

One of the projects that Connie was working on was scrap vortex.  I had never really heard of it and when I saw it, I was just a little bit intimidated because it looked almost like crumbs which I have tried before but wasn’t able to get hooked on.  After a little more looking though, I realized that scrap vortex had right angles and I decided that was something I could work with.  After talking to mom a bit, I had a little scrap basket to take home.

A few weeks have passed and this past weekend I helped mom with sorting some fabric here and there and going through things to get her sewing closet figured out.  In the process, she ended up sending me home with more scraps…enough to fill this hamper…..and even another bag!

As you can see, it’s full and has even erupted a bit onto the floor too!

So the past few days, I’ve been binging on a new show called The Killing on Netflix and just sewing little stuff together…And cutting…and trimming…and ironing…..

Here are a few pictures of the blocks that I’ve made so far!

And some more…

After they get about this big, I trim them all up so that there’s no wonky parts sticking out and to make sure that they are square and then they go in the basket.  I think that when the basket is full, I’ll start sewing them together.

Needless to say, I’ve been having a blast.  When mom and I were sorting through things, she had said that she thinks she wants to make a scrap vortex of the brights as well.  I was a little upset that she gave me the scraps to make one first if she wanted to make one, but she reminded me that there would be enough for her too.  After sewing the little bit that I have, I can say that she’s definitely right!  I have made quite a few little bits and I’m not even pulling much of anything from the big hamper or the extra bag that she sent.  I have a feeling this quilt might take a while to make, but I’m really excited to make it.  I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that there are no rules….seams don’t need to match…I don’t have to follow a pattern…All I have to do is sit and sew!

If you’d like to make your own scrap vortex, you can see some of the details here at Crazy Mom’s Blog–

Here is where she introduces the project–

Let me know if you start one….It’s definitely a project that will suck you right in–into the scrap vortex that is, but don’t worry we’re all nice people here!

7 thoughts on “Getting Sucked into the Scrap Vortex”

  1. I have been doing up 9-1/2 inch squares of scraps. Will make in rows with a 3 inch border between the rows like the coin stack. Makes it colorful with the variety of scraps. I will use the next one on my spare bed. It is fun and relaxing making up these squares.

  2. I must have missed Amanda Jean’s posts about this project I’m so very glad you shared your Scrap Vortex! My HH always asks why are you bringing more scraps home? What are you gonna do with all of these bits? Now, I have answer!

  3. When we moved into our small apartment, I gave away all my scraps – looking at that scrap vortex, I now wish I had not only NOT moved but gotten rid of my scraps! Time to build a small stash back up of scraps! Yours will be beautiful, Kelli!

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