Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

I’m finally feeling like I am back in the swing of things…

I took care of the grandkids some last week.  It’s been forever since Carver got off the school bus at my house.  He did last week.

It was just me and Carver.  What a treat as that rarely happens so we played Ticket to Ride.  We play the adult version and the little stinker kicked my butt!!

Kalissa had a doctor’s appointment.  She needed help with Gannon so I rode along.  Gannon and I went to the thrift store while Kalissa saw the doctor.  If you want the scoop on Kalissa’s doctor appointment, read THIS POST from her.

We had a great haul…  SEE?? You might remember that Carolyn is a prolific baby gown maker.  She sends the baby gowns to me and I send them to my friend Lana who puts together baby kits for Lutheran World Relief.

Carolyn makes the gowns for T-shirt fabric.  So when I’m at the thrift store, I always look for T-shirt fabric.  I send it to Carolyn and she makes the gowns and sends them back to me.

Much of the fabric I send is funky prints and colors.  Carolyn does an amazing job with it all and really makes the gowns look great even though some of the fabric is pretty funky.  Carolyn is so great with color and often puts one of those funky fabrics with another fabric and it calms the funky fabric down and the gowns end up precious.

I’ve been hoping I could find some solid prints to give Carolyn more calm fabrics to help with making the funky prints calm down.  Look what Gannon and I found at the thrift store!!

All of it is T-shirt fabric.  All of it was only 50 cents per piece.  YAHOO!!  I ended up with about 17 yards of fabric and it was only $5 all together.  YAHOO!!

I was doing the happy dance in the middle of the store!

While I was in the store, I ran into Sue from the Big Canoe Quilters.  I’ve often referred to her group as the Decorah Quilters.  I’m going to try hard now to call them the Big Canoe Quilters.

Anyway, Sue said, she had a box in her car for me.  We both frequent the thrift store.  She had hope of running into me one day and she did.

She had a box of linens for me to pass on to Kayla.  They were just lovely lines and I was happy to get them to pass on.  Sue also had a Christmas Card to me that the post office wouldn’t deliver.  UGH.  Sue forgot to NE on the address.

This totally surprised me.  Seriously.  We are a town of 250 people.  There isn’t another Kramer in town besides Karl.  I really don’t think that sticker was put on locally…ugh.

As you can see, I am back in the swing of things.  I am helping others more than I need help and that is a wonderful feeling.  My blood sugar is still a little funky but it’s coming around.  I still have an off taste but that’s coming around too.

If you see me on the street, I look back to my normal self…and happily, I’m adding back a few more childcare kiddos this week.  What a relief that I am really heading back to the old me.

MANY and MUCH thanks to all of you who have been cheering me on.  I go back in five months to see if the treatment worked.  Fingers crossed.  In the meantime, I’m not going to worry about it and just be me.

16 thoughts on “Getting Back Into the Swing of Things”

  1. Oh so wonderful! It has to be such a great feeling to be doing your normal things once again. Glad you got to spend one on one with Carver and I’m sure he enjoyed it too. Keep your good attitude and enjoy every day! Oh, I took the plunge today and ordered the cross stitching materials for the stitch along. When you had it broken down, it looked doable to me. I spoke with Liz and she was so kind and helpful.

  2. I am so pleased, you are feeling better. That was a very good find at the thrift store. The knit fabric will make great baby gowns.

  3. Jo I love all the energy you are putting out there, you go girl. Our kids always seem to need our help in small ways. My daughter who lives in Texas called us tonight just wanting to bounce things off us on a big decision they need to make on their son. He is in kindergarten and his testing scores were very high. The school has positions for a magna school or the talent and gifted program. I know it’s kindergarten? We have faith they will make the right decision!
    It’s their time to make those hard decisions, we made them years back and things weren’t so difficult!
    Stay safe Jo with the Iowa weather. We are heading back home from a week in Florida.


    Please give your address again because the address I have for you has no NE. Someone operating a sorting machine in a processing center has rejected it (my opinion) because your local post office wouldn’t do this, I’m sure.

  5. Happy that you’re feeling better. Carver looks so much older now. He’s growing up too fast. What a great deal on the t-shirt fabric.

  6. So glad you’re feeling better, and life slowly continues too normal. Wonderful finds at the thrift store and seeing a friends, makes the day even better,

  7. That’s the best news yet. That you’re back to being you. The t-shirt fabric was a huge bblessing. 17 yards of what’s normally 50″ fabric will make a lot of baby gowns. No wonder you were doing a happy dance would too.

  8. It was good that there was a light at the end of that long and hard tunnel you were in. Getting brighter every day isn’t it? So glad for you. You have so much to give and it’s so appreciated by so many.

  9. Hi Jo, So glad to read you’re feeling more and more like yourself again! I went over to Kalissa’s blog and oh my the pain and other symptoms she described was quite the ordeal for her. Glad she’s doing much better now. I couldn’t find an area to sign up for her blog so I get notices like I do yours. Any help there much appreciated. Looks like you and Gannon had a lot of fun together! I bet he really enjoyed his concentrated Gramma time. I pray you continue to improve in your health. Looking forward to the next blog post as always.

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