So…Kelli and I ran into a bit of a problem.  LONG ago I had ordered some fat quarter bundles of what was listed as taupe colored fabrics.  At the time I was into Yoko Saito designs (no I never made one) and wanted the fabric to make something of hers.  The fabric sat for a bit then I was talking to my sister in law a few month before my niece was getting married.  I wanted some hint on what type of quilt she might like me to make for her wedding.  The reply was neutral.  Hmm…what did that mean?  I sat on the conversation for a bit then one day it hit me…make a quilt with those taupe fabrics.  That would seem neutral.

Well I did make her a quilt….this one.


Find the pattern here….

Well then I went on to make Amber’s wedding quilt.


I used most of the same fabrics.  I had added a piece or two to the collection of fabrics I had.

After Kelli saw this quilt I made, she wanted to make one for her sister-in-law for her wedding.  Fabrics were loosing the variety so we added a few 100% cotton recycled shirt fabrics.  At the same time, I submitted pictures of the quilt to a magazine and they want it for publication.  It will be coming out in the spring of next year….BUT, I ran into another problem.

We REALLY don’t have many fabrics anymore.  SO…imagine my surprise when Quilted Twins showed some of their newest fabrics that they have out.  TAUPES!!!  I ended up contacting them asking if they might put together some fat quarter bundles of the fabrics.  They said YES!!!  This is great as I really don’t need a whole yard of the fabric to make another quilt AND I need some variety.  I told them that I thought some of you might also be wanting some taupes to make either one or both of the quilts so they cut a few extra fat quarter bundles.  SO…if anyone else is interested in some taupe fabric, Quilted Twins put together fat quarter bundles us and you can order them here.

They cut three different packs of fat quarters….here’s a peek at one.FQB6

While I’m there I think I’m just going to throw a backing fabric into my cart too.  Shipping is only $5 for whatever they ship so why not take advantage…right??

My apologies in advance for being an enabler.

4 thoughts on “GET YOUR TAUPES NOW!!”

  1. Lol, you are an enabler! I will have to check out what I have in my stash for taupe fabrics. I really like this pattern.

  2. I was checking email at the exact moment Quilted Twins sent their email offering taupe fat quarters and I was excited so I instantly clicked the “buy” button and went to some bizarre website. I contacted them and they sent an email to me thanking me for notifying them. Then the “oops” email came and I promptly ordered 2 bundles. On a previous day, I ordered some of the Polish cottons that were 62 inches wide. So cute for a sassy skirt or top. I cannot thank you enough for letting your blog followers know about Quilted Twins. They are great!!!

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