Georgie Meets her Brothers

I was at Kelli’s yesterday and hope to go to her house again either Saturday or Sunday.  We don’t have firm plans yet.

That means I wasn’t home and was away from the computer…and if I’m away from the computer, that means…no blog posts.  I hate to do that to you all so instead I’ll just make it short.

Early Wednesday evening I took Georgie home to mom, dad, and the boys.  This is the first time she’s seen them.  They were born on April 11th and stayed in the hospital through the 24th of April.  Georgie has been staying with me from the 23rd through the 28th.  She got the flu and we wanted to keep her away from the boys to hopefully keep them from getting sick.

So this is the moment she met them.  She’s normally a chatty little girl but oh my, she was in shocked silence.  If you look at her expression, that’s everything.  She was joy-filled.

She just had to touch them.  For those of you trying to keep track, Eli is in stripes.  Emmett is in yellow.  You can see their complexion is very different.

If you could have seen Kelli’s face…it was exactly the same as Georgie’s only in adult form.

Kelli has longed to be a mom.  She got married in her later 20’s then ended up with fertility issues.  Seeing a mom, who went through the monthly disappoints now suddenly with three wonderful babies makes me all teary-eyed and so VERY THANKFUL!!

It’s been a joy to have Georgie these last few days…even with her puking and being sick.  I’ve gotten closer to her and I appreciated the time.  Hearing her squeal when I said we were going to her house so she could see Eli and Emmett was priceless.  She was seriously pulsating with complete joy.

As for me…there still won’t be baby holding for me yet.  I caught a cold so I’ve resigned myself to going to Kelli’s to help but I’m doing exciting stuff like organizing closest, moving stuff up and down the stairs, and being Kelli’s gopher.  It’s all good.  It’s all stuff that can be done without passing on my cold.  We’re going to have these two little guys in our lives for a very long time.  I can wait a week or so until my cold is better.  In the meantime, I’ll be snapping pictures and soaking up the joy that surrounds me.

34 thoughts on “Georgie Meets her Brothers”

  1. There is nothing more beautiful than a mother who has wanted children to finally get them, congrats again to Kelli and the rest of the family

  2. What a precious memory! Makes me smile! Such a great way to start my day! You all are truly blessed. Hope your cold gets better soon, Jo. One of life’s greatest pleasure is rocking a newborn. Sending peace, joy and hugs.

  3. That picture is a keeper of Georgie holding her little brothers. One day they will tower over her. Lovely pictures of mama and babies. Hope you get better soon.

  4. So beautiful! Loved the picture of Georgie holding the twins. Such a great moment you were able to share with them. Get well!

  5. So gorgeous all four of them. Seeing the pictures made me misty eyed. remembering when my own children were that size and then my grandchildren. Jo enjoy every minute of them. You know babies don’t stay small long. You are blessed to be close enough to be there.

  6. So happy for everyone.

    I wish I could be there to help in the coming weeks, laundry will have to be done, dishes washed, etc.

  7. Loved the picture of Georgia seeing the babies for the first time. Hope my granddaughter is as happy when her baby brother or sister comes the beginning of December.

  8. Lori L Douglas

    Thank you for sharing your family! So precious! The boys are growing so fast. Grandma will be able to spoil them soon. Enjoy and love them to pieces!

  9. What a delight to see this! And yes, I am trying hard to keep track of the boys’ differences so I can tell them apart. Thanks for sharing. God bless you all.

  10. Judith Fairchild

    the picture of Georgia seeing her brothers is priceless. A friend of mine who is in her ’80’s still has that joyful look when she talks about her brothers. May Georgia always be that happy.

  11. Those hugs and snuggles will be around in a few days, and they will be more wonderful because you didn’t pass your cold along. Wonderful pictures. Can’t wait for the rest of the family to meet the boys. Please share more pictures….

  12. Absolutely beautiful pictures! Georgie’s face is priceless – you captured the awe and wonder of her little mind! Thanks for sharing

  13. Beautiful, beautiful children!!! I had twin grandsons arrive early-at 28 weeks. They were awful small, but on Tuesday they are now big strapping 11 year olds!!! It’s truly a gift we’ve been given. No one needs to tell you: ENJOY every second, it passes so terribly fast! Hugs to all!

  14. Margaret in North Texas

    Precious pictures of everyone. Eli and Emmett look so cuddly–and Georgie too. Thanks for sharing Jo!!!

  15. Georgie’s smile , happy, excited and the JOY is so precious– as well as the pictures of her holding the twins–beautiful. Am so sorry you have a cold and didn’t dare hold the babies. Hope you are feeling better fast!
    Precious Memories — and it is going to be so much fun seeing the changes in the next few weeks!!

  16. Marsha from Kansas

    Big sister meeting her brothers for the first time is the most heartwarming picture I have seen. Pure love and joy and wonder. Thank you for letting us be a part of that moment. Congratulations to your family.

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